I love her in spanish

And I Love Her (Spanish translation)

i love her in spanish

The Beatles - And I Love Her(subtitulada)

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How to Say "I Love You". Food, shelter, and Netflix also come to mind. But nearly everyone agrees that love feels amazing and should be celebrated. If your significant other is from a Spanish speaking country, you may have already considered studying some Spanish yourself. It is not only a big commitment that shows how deeply you care; it will also help you understand his or her worldview as well as improve your communication skills. There are plenty of free online Spanish courses and lessons to help you start this long but fulfilling journey!

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If you want to tell someone you love him or her in Spanish, do you say " te amo " or " te quiero "? Any decent dictionary will tell you that either amar or querer and even some other verbs such as desear , gustar and encantar can be translated in some contexts as "to love. There's no simple answer to the question, as it depends on context as well as where in the Spanish-speaking world you are. In an appropriate context, neither te quiero nor te amo is likely to be misunderstand as a way of expressing love. But there can be some differences—some subtle, some not.

Translation: It took me an hour to get to know you and just a day to fall in love. But it will take me a whole life to be able to forget you. Translation: I love you not only because of the way you are, but because of the way I am when I am with you. Amame cuando menos lo merezca, por que sera cuando mas lo necesite. Translation: Love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it the most.

My Love in Spanish… +36 other Spanish love words

The Beatles - And I Love Her Subtitulada En Espanol y Ingles




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    The Spanish language and culture are rich in passionate language and ways to express affection.

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    My Love in Spanish +36 other love words

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