Jean bonnet tavern bedford pa

Haunted: Jean Bonnet Tavern Bedford, PA

jean bonnet tavern bedford pa

Jean Bonnet Tavern Route 30, Lincoln Highway, Bedford PA, offers fine food and drink, craft beers, outdoor dining, historic B&B, Cabin Gift.

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We offer fine dining in our restaurant on the historic ground level of our building. Our friendly tavern and colonial meeting room are on our mid level. During warm weather months, many guests enjoy food and drink outdoors on our porch and patio areas. The topmost stories of the Tavern are reserved for bed and breakfast lodging. We also offer a unique shopping experience in our on-site Cabin Shoppe. The Jean Bonnet was recently named one of the top 10 highly rated restaurants in Pennyslvania by the website www.

Prior to opening as a tavern, the property was used by the French as an outpost and then headquarters during the Revolutionary War. In , the Inn was used as a gathering place during the Great Whiskey Rebellion, one of the first uprisings for our young nation. I can easily envision the plans and plots concocted at the Tavern while the rebellion imbibed in whiskey and other spirits to keep their ire up. With this long history leaving its mark through the years, I can see the potential for intelligent as well as residual hauntings. An intelligent haunting is a Spirit that is actively engaging and responds intelligently Spirit of grandma is still in her life-long home and likes to shut your television off; a residual haunting is basically a play black of certain points in time that can be witnessed by living people a woman used to climb the steps every day, multiple times, and now the people living in the home hear those footsteps every day, at roughly the same time.

Sweet bell peppers with fresh ground beef,tomatoes, and a spicy seasoning. Vine ripened local tomato stuffed with a blend of cheeses and fresh basil. Boneless,skinless breast of chicken sauteed with fresh local peaches in a brandy cream sauce and topped with candied pecans. Locally grown eggplant,sliced into rounds and lightly fried then layered with homemade ricotta cheese and marinara sauce topped with a mozzarella Parmesan blend of linguine. A light dessert with blueberries swirled into a moist cake, layered with strawberries and a fluffy whipped cream frosting. Mozzarella Sticks, fried a golden brown and served with our marinara 8.

Highway 30 , at the junction with Pennsylvania Route The building was erected by Robert Callender, a trader with the Native American tribes of Pennsylvania. Callender acquired the land in The land and the building were purchased by Jean Bonnet in and opened as an inn, which was used as a gathering place by protesting local farmers during the Whiskey Rebellion , suppressed months later by forces under President George Washington. Although the building has changed hands many times through the years, the Bonnett Family of West Virginia are the direct descendants of Jean Bonnet and trace their family history back nearly years.

Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford

We were pleasantly surprised altho it was a little further off the highway than we originally thought. My blueberry salad was very nice altho my dressing Recommended by someone at Bedford Springs.

Jean Bonnet serves lunch and dinner daily, changing seasonal menu, gluten free , Assorted Craft Beers at Jean Bonnet Tavern, Bedford, PA.
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