Deadliest warrior viking vs samurai

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deadliest warrior viking vs samurai

For Norse Honor! - Debunking Game Theory on Viking vs. Knight vs. Samurai

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Brown, A. March 1, Mechanical Engineering. March ; 03 : 44— This article discusses the application of mechanical engineering concepts in a day-to-day TV serial world. Instrumenting weapons and armor showed that Viking chain mail could withstand the slashing attack of a Samurai katana in the TV series named Deadliest Warrior. The show pits fighters with different styles of fighting who never met—Spartan vs.

Deadliest Warrior — Season 01, Episode 02 — Viking vs. On one side you have highly disciplined, lightning fast warriors made famous during the feudal days of Japan, and on the other you have fierce warriors from ice cold Scandinavia made famous for their brutal aggression and terrifying raiding parties. Both groups are armored, one using body armor and the other famous for wearing a helmet and carrying a tough shield. Both carry long swords capable of killing opponents with ease. And both are famous for their ways of arriving in battle, one on horseback and attacking on land, and the other riding on longships capable of sailing in the shallowest of water. For this episode of Deadliest Warrior , the Viking was armed with the great axe, long sword, spear, and his mighty shield. The Japanese Samurai was armed with a katana long sword , naginata spear weapon , yumi bow and arrow , and kanabo club.

It pits two historical fighters against each other in mortal combat. Tonight is Samurai vs Viking at 10 pm Eastern check your local listing for your time. Then, taking various mathematical and logical factors into account, they program a computer to run 1, fights between the two combatants and see who comes out on top more often…and why. Last episode an Apache Warrior bested a Roman Gladiator. It was a little controversial since the fight was one on one and that is what Gladiators specialized in. This week the stakes are even higher because my boy the Samurai is taking on the fierce Viking class.

Samurai Japan's lightening-fast dealer of death. To find out, our world-class fighters Are testing history's most lethal weapons. No rules, no safety, No mercy. It's a duel to the death To decide who is The deadliest warrior! This is the fight club. A hi-tech battle zone Where we've assembled scientists, Doctors, and combat experts. We're gathering data for a virtual face-off Between two of the greatest warriors ever known.

Japan was settled as early as 40, BCE. The Yayoi period established many of Japan's earliest major kingdoms led by their Daimyos; the strongest in Yamato, Kanagawa. Japan would remain a series of divided kingdoms and clans until the industrial era, but these kingdoms regularly unified with each other against invaders from mainland Asia. Japan aka Nihon means 'sunrise land'. Samurai means 'to serve' in Japan, as they served the Daimyo and protected their land.

Viking vs Samurai, Who wins?




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    Sure, samurai's were battle-hardened but Vikings were insane, battle-hardened, drunken, battleaxe-weilding, musclebound, pillaging rapists who ran at their enemies screaming at the top of their lungs and waving thier weapons around like they were made of aluminum foil.

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