Oh no she better don t

RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 6)

oh no she better don t

Oh No She Better Don't Lyrics: Oh no she better don't / (Yes, honey) / Oh no she better don't / Oh no she better don't / Oh no she better don't.

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It was released on March 31, by World of Wonder. The song was produced by ShyBoy. The song and video feature RuPaul and all of the queens still standing as of episode six. In episode six, the cast was broken up to form two rap groups. Darienne Lake won the mini challenge, so she was given the ability to choose four contestants to form her group. Bonet to form the opposing group. The queens were directed by guest judges Eve and Trina.

Every season of Drag Race gives birth to one entitled queen who, despite being completely void of talent, believes that she actually has a chance at making it to the final three and spends more time reading others than she does improving her own game. The fact that Lake has chosen DeLa as her arch nemesis speaks volumes. This season is not about you, hunty. I feel like I want Laganja Estranja to stick around for the same reason I wanted Phi Phi and Roxxy to stick around until at least the final five. But the longer Laganja sticks around, the more I feel like she needs to go quickly because she needs to seek professional help. Ganj is without friend now that Gia has sashayed away, and I can only imagine her imminent elimination is going to be tearful at the very least. Do a Jiggly, ladies!

Continue reading at your own discretion. Like Season 5 , this season featured 14 contestants competing for the title of " America's Next Drag Superstar ". For the first time in the show's history, the season premiere was split into two episodes; the fourteen queens were split into two groups and competed against each other before being reunited as one group for the third episode. Santino Rice and Michelle Visage came back as judges at the panel. In Adore Delano competed on All Stars 2.

Is there a dance element to this competition? Is there a fashion element? Instead of flooding Stray Observations with reads, here are the highlights of the mini-challenge:. Trinity shows more backbone than Laganja by laughing along with the reads directed her way, but she makes the big mistake of reading herself. This may be completely wrong, but my theory is that Laganja was a well-off child who was showered with attention by her parents, attention that diminished when she came out of the closet and started performing as a drag queen. Her ghetto homegirl drag persona is a way to distance herself from a sheltered suburban upbringing, a shortcut to street cred that tries to mimic the qualities of someone who has gone through life without the same kind of privilege.

It's your girl Joslyn and I'm the fox Heads turn, neck break when this bitch walks always keep my nose clean but for me the boys fiend try me, bitch Im a motherfishin' Drag Queen. Check it, Just take a second to see how this goes rhinestones, big hair, gown to the floor tonight I'm gonna make history son't even try to come for me my flow is such a mystery I am your girl, T. Never been the in-girl since she came out Milk shudders in her udders we're the easy way out if you're lookin' or a dude or in the preggers mood Milk is in the house and then other bitches Who. Laganja's on the track and y'all can't handle me I'm bustin' through that door and smokin' on that tree Panty hos and control top D Givin' you body you all livin' for me. Big girl while you all in bare feet walkin' down the dirty city street keep your shoes on, honey to make that money 'cause your toenail draggin' and that sure ain't funny. My name is Bianca I'm from the deep south all them bitches can't handle my sassy-ass mouth I like to say it fast I like to say it quick I'm a call your ass chimney 'cause you look like a brick. My name's says it all ain't no need to try to force it look at my body in this brand-new corset mens turn around pants comin' down go home, hos where my Drag Race Crown?

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