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American Style Mah Jongg Rules

www nationalmahjonggleague org order on line

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American Mah Jongg is an exciting four-player tile game with Chinese origins. Longtime local resident Donna Holt will teach players the basics of understanding the tiles and the Mah Jongg card. Rules and strategies of play and game etiquette will be covered. Please order your card using the phone number on the nationalmahjonggleague. Prepayment is required by noon on Friday, September

The Store. All Orders will be shipped within two business days. PRICES.
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Note that the card changes each year on April 1. Cards are available in regular size and large font. Mah Jong sets are not inexpensive. You can also find sets on some specialty sites see below for some links. These are the must have pieces if you are buying a set; note that pushers are sold separately, but may not fit in your case. If you are buying a used set, check for all of the above… but also check that all of the tiles are present.

It is important to remember that there are many different kinds of Mah-Jongg. The rules that follow are known as modern American rules. Mah-Jongg is played with four players, and a fifth person may be a bettor. The object of modern American sometimes called "Jewish" Mah-Jongg is to make the tiles match up with a hand on a Mah-Jongg card. You may order on line at www. The cards change yearly. The modern American Mah-Jongg set has tiles.

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Total Pageviews. The question of how to get one is starting to surface, so I thought I would post a guide to buying the new card. Please read this post and follow these guidelines to be sure you get your card as soon as it becomes available at the end of March. You can ORDER your card in one of the following ways but you will have to wait until the end of March to receive it :. Collectors - A "collector" is a person who registers with the League and is able to take orders for cards beginning in November. A collector works on behalf of a charitable organization - when all the orders are collected, payment is submitted to the League, and the organization receives a percentage back as a charitable donation. Collectors must submit their orders by the end of January.





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