Who wrote the quran and how was it put together

History of the compilation of Quran

who wrote the quran and how was it put together

Praise be to Allaah. Firstly: Allaah has guaranteed to preserve this Qur'aan Himself. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning). ôVerily, We, it.

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The words of the Quran were collected as they were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, committed to memory by the early Muslims, and recorded in writing by scribes. As the Quran was being revealed, the Prophet Muhammad made special arrangements to ensure that it was written down. Although the Prophet Muhammad himself could neither read nor write, he dictated the verses orally and instructed scribes to mark down the revelation on whatever materials were available: tree branches, stones, leather, and bones. The scribes would then read their writing back to the Prophet, who would check it for mistakes. With each new verse that was revealed, the Prophet Muhammad also dictated its placement within the growing body of text. When the Prophet Muhammad died, the Quran had been fully written down.

Modern scholars using sound principles of literary analysis have determined that the Qur'an did not come from Muhammad. He did not recite it and actually never saw a copy of it. It was not put together in its present written form until nearly one hundred and fifty years after Muhammad's death. This has come as quite a shock to Muslims. According to the legends, myths, and stories found in the Hadith, the Qur'an was written in heaven by Allah on a large stone tablet.

He paid a price for his dissidence. Vigilantes and other government-supported elements disrupted his widely attended lectures in Iran, beat him and reportedly nearly assassinated him. In a country where intellectuals are often treated like rock stars, Soroush has been venerated and reviled for his outspoken support of religious pluralism and democracy. Now he has taken one crucial step further. Shuttling from university to university in Europe and the U. Muslims have long believed that their holy book was transmitted word for word by God through the Prophet Muhammad.

The history of Quran deals with the timeline and origin of the Quran, the Islamic Holy Book and .. So pursue the Quran and collect it together. . and when they had written many copies, 'Uthman returned the original manuscripts to Hafsa. To put it another way, on these basic issues there is little consensus even among the.
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The debate about eating Iftar meals last week highlights the need for a better understanding of Islam amongst many Christians. Here, Will Jones explores one important area of misunderstanding. And the crucial difference between Muslims and non-Muslims is whether they believe he was inspired by God to do it. They believe that God wrote it and then revealed it to Muhammad. A technicality you might think. And those around him, his followers, then memorised it, and some noted it down on anything to hand, like palm leaves and stones. So how did it become a book?

The history of Quran deals with the timeline and origin of the Quran , the Islamic Holy Book and its written compilations into manuscripts. It spans several centuries, based on historical findings and forms an important part of early Islamic history. According to Muslim belief and Islamic scholarly accounts, the revelation of the Quran began in A. Throughout his life, Muslims believe that Muhammad continued to have revelations until before his death in According to traditional Islamic beliefs, the Quran was revealed to Muhammad , starting one night during the month of Ramadan in , when he, at the age of forty, received the first revelation from the angel Gabriel.

Who Wrote the Koran?

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Who Wrote the Quran and When?

The journey of the Quran, which began to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan in , in its original form to the present day is a characteristic that none of the previous sacred books have. The companions of Prophet Muhammad, who were great people, played an important role in the compilation of the Quran, leaving an interesting story behind. During the 23 years of Muhammad's time as a prophet, the verses of the Quran were memorized as they were revealed, and about 42 scribes wrote the verses on different materials such as paper, cloth, bone fragments and leather. In ancient times, literacy was a skill that few people had and Muhammad himself did not know how to read or write. During the time of Caliph Abu Bakr, when 70 people who knew the Quran by heart qari , were killed in the Battle of Yamama, Umar ibn al-Khattab became concerned and appealed to Abu Bakr in order to compile the Quran into a book.

Muslims believe that the Quran was orally revealed by God to the final Prophet, Muhammad , through the archangel Gabriel Jibril , [6] [7] incrementally over a period of some 23 years, beginning on 22 December CE , [8] when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in , the year of his death. The word "Quran" occurs some 70 times in the Quran's text, and other names and words are also said to refer to the Quran. According to tradition, several of Muhammad's companions served as scribes and recorded the revelations. There are, however, variant readings , with mostly minor differences in meaning. The Quran assumes familiarity with major narratives recounted in the Biblical scriptures. It summarizes some, dwells at length on others and, in some cases, presents alternative accounts and interpretations of events.

Who (Really) Wrote The Quran?





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