Black guy dancing music video

This Motivational Dancing Guy Is Leaving People Absolutely Shooketh

black guy dancing music video

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The music video for "This is America" capped an important weekend for Donald Glover. Like much of Glover's work, "This is America" is cryptic and loaded with shocking imagery and metaphor. The track's tone swerves from happy-go-lucky psalmic readings to more alarming verses. In typical Glover fashion, he dismissed close readings of his work in an interview at the Met Gala Monday night. Directed by his frequent "Atlanta" collaborator Hiro Murai and choreographed by Sherrie Silver, the music video touches on gun violence, the precarious state of black bodies in the US, and how we've historically used entertainment to distract us from pervasive cultural and political problems. But the music video's iconoclastic images and many layers deserve close examination to fully parse. Some initially believed the guitarist was Tracy Martin, the father of slain teen Trayvon Martin.

When second clips of "This is America" began to take over my Insta feed last week, I didn't know how to feel. Graphic images from the music video showed the execution of a man with a guitar and the mass shooting of a church choir. What truly struck me was physical and facial animation of Donald Glover a.
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It is the opening track from their studio album El Camino and was released as the record's lead single on October 26, The song is also the A-side of a promotional inch single that was released in commemoration of Record Store Day 's "Back to Black" Friday event. On the singles charts, "Lonely Boy" was the group's highest-charting song in several countries, peaking at number 64 on the Billboard Hot , number two on the Australian Singles Chart , and number 33 on the Canadian Hot The song is played in the key of E minor , with only three chords used throughout the song. The promotional music video for "Lonely Boy" features actor, musician and part-time security guard Derrick T.

It's a guy dancing by himself. And it's awesome. We love it so much we went through and found some more videos that show how awesome dancing with yourself and nobody else can be. Ironically, at no time in Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself' does he actually dance by himself, but these are all solo dancing gems. We'd really, really like to know how many cups of coffee it takes to pull this off.

It is a bold, biting commentary on modern American discourse and the racial disparity, gun violence and vanity that come with it. The video follows, in what looks like a long single-take, Glover dancing manically through a warehouse — an entirely white warehouse, it should be noted. The symbolism is apparent — each time, the gun is wrapped in a cloth and carried away like precious cargo, while the bodies are either left behind or dragged away. Glover, meanwhile, continues to gleefully dance away, performing some of the trendiest dance moves like the Hustle and Gwara Gwara while he ignores the chaos, violence and riots that erupt in the background. The video is studded with famous African-American stars look closely at the choir and ad-libs from other rappers, which simply reinforces the point that while the rest of the world embraces black art and culture, they choose to ignore the racial disparity and violence black people face in their real lives. This is America is a video that needs to be watched not once, but again and again, to slowly peel away the symbolism and, very plainly, to notice everything going on in the background. The tweets below explain it:.

The Best Music Videos of People Dancing With Themselves

The Black Keys - Tighten Up [Official Music Video]

This guy makes a 'September' music video every year, and this year it's the best

Tuggle , who, in one single take, shimmied his way through the song — and into Internet lore. While there are roughly amazing things about Tuggle's performance we especially like his modified Carlton , perhaps the most incredible aspect is the fact that it almost never happened. We shot a whole video here in Los Angeles about two months ago, but we didn't like it, so we scrapped the whole thing," drummer Patrick Carney explained, "Except for the footage of Derrick Tuggle dancing, which was a complete accident. He had an hour to listen to the song, and he memorized all the lyrics and he came up with the dance, and he basically did that on his own. And if we didn't have that footage, we would not have a video for the song. While the band wouldn't elaborate on what was wrong with the real "Lonely Boy" video "It just didn't work. It was supposed to be funny and it didn't work," frontman Dan Auerbach said matter-of-factly , they're thrilled by the response the Tuggle-fied clip has received — especially since no one thought releasing it was a good idea.



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    Earlier this week, the Black Keys unveiled the video for "Lonely Boy," the hip- shaking first single The lo-fi clip shows nothing except for a solitary man dancing enthusiastically outside a . Tags: Music News, the black keys.

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    The award-winning artist and entertainer, whose musical stage name is Childish Gambino, made his "Saturday Night Live" hosting debut this weekend.

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