Captain sabertooth and the treasure of lama rama

Captain Sabertooth

captain sabertooth and the treasure of lama rama

An orphan boy Pinky accompanies Captain Sabertooth on a thrilling and perilous voyage across the vast seas to the kingdom of Lama Rama, to find both treasure and the identity of Pinky's long-lost father. John Andreas Andersen, Lisa Marie Gamlem. There are no featured audience.

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Sign in. Watch now. Joachim, a preteen Norwegian boy, has an obsession with pirates. When his parents object, he takes their outboard rubber dinghy out and begins a dream of an exciting and dangerous adventure When Kaptein Sabeltann and his men land on the mysterious island Gral, they are warned by the sorceress Miriam av Gral, that the lord of the island, Greven av Gral the Count of Gral , is Captain Sabertooth and his men arrives at an unexplored and unknown island, unbeknownst that the ruler is a evil count by the name of grail.

The orphan boy Pinky follows the Captain on an exciting and dangerous journey across the big oceans to the kingdom of Lama Rama, hunting for a treasure.
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Captain Sabertooth in Norwegian : Kaptein Sabeltann is a long running series that centers around the eponymous pirate Captain Sabertooth, who was created and was originally portrayed by the Norwegian singer, composer, author and actor Terje Formoe. The series was first launched as a series of stage plays. Its cost was 50 million Norwegian kroner roughly USD 6,, or EUR 7,, as of May , making it the most expensive children's film to date in Norwegian history. Among the other pirates are Pirate Wally Pelle Pirat a fat and somewhat clumsy man, and Tiny Pinky , a young guy fighting for recognition from the other pirates. He wants to be an honest and peaceful man, but is maniacally interested in gold and jewels, an interest he shares with the pirates. He and Bessie work in a tavern together with her niece Veronica Sunniva.

Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama





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