Buster douglas vs evander holyfield

James (Buster) Douglas vs. Evander Holyfield

buster douglas vs evander holyfield

Buster Douglas vs Evander Holyfield, billed as "The Moment of Truth", was a professional boxing match contested on October 25, for the WBA, WBC, IBF .

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Oct 29, The night when Buster Douglas made $24m and flopped to defeat under a deadly combination of punches and insults is not celebrated often.
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That idea is a myth about a myth. In the years following the night when Buster Douglas sent Mike Tyson sprawling on the canvas to grope for his mouthpiece, both men endured their share of problems. He then retired to Florida where his weight ballooned dangerously and he ended up in a diabetic coma. At that point, it was the biggest event in television history. McNeeley was a sacrificial lamb slaughtered at the altar of the Tyson myth, and Mike received a resounding ovation during Jimmy Lennon Jr.

Buster Douglas went to sleep to the sounds of dolphins swimming in the Mirage's special outdoor pool the night before he fought Evander Holyfield in October, It was a fight that belongs to history, a time when people can remember each and every world heavyweight title fight. Douglas smashed the ogre, secured a fortune and walked to his destiny with tiny Evander as the linear champion, the fighter with the same crown on his head that heavyweight champions had worn for a century. It was one of, if not, the last great heavyweight title fight. At the time the first bell sounded that night at the Mirage, the WBO heavyweight champion was a smiling and chubby nice guy called Francesco Damiani from Italy. It was not the WBO's finest hour.

After becoming the first boxer in history to win all three major sanctioning organizations' world titles in the cruiserweight division, Evander Holyfield decided to move up in class and take on the top heavyweights. In his first fight at heavyweight he defeated James Tillis by knockout and then knocked out former champion Pinklon Thomas before the year was out. Shortly after that Holyfield became regarded as the 1 contender to Mike Tyson, who was the undisputed champion of the division and who in won the lineal championship from Michael Spinks. A match between the two was signed for June 18, , and Tyson elected to take a tuneup fight on February 11, , against fringe contender James "Buster" Douglas in Tokyo. Despite having been regarded as a top contender for the title in the past, Douglas' reputation was as a lazy, out of shape fighter who did not pay much attention to his training. As a result, most casinos didn't even bother to make odds for the fight. The only one that did so, The Mirage, installed Tyson as a favorite.

How Evander Holyfield vs. Buster Douglas sparked rise of the heavyweights

Douglas had defied sense to beat Mike Tyson on 11 February to win all the heavyweight belts and then, eight months of comfort, fame and eating later, he lost his world titles to Evander Holyfield in a fight for him to forget in October It was an extraordinary year in the heavyweight business, arguably the last time when people cared or knew about the heavyweight champion of the world; the title mattered and meant something. Douglas had emerged from obscurity and a small-hall existence to topple Tyson in that iconic slugfest in Tokyo at dawn, and during the months before the Holyfield deal was signed and sealed he enjoyed his celebrity.

Evander Holyfield vs James Douglas (25-10-1990)




Buster Douglas vs. Evander Holyfield




Feb 22, Evander Holyfield, ranked as the #1 contender by all three major sanctioning bodies, was scheduled to face World Heavyweight Champion.
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