Gangsta pat i wanna smoke

"I Wanna Smoke"

gangsta pat i wanna smoke

Gangsta Pat - I Wanna Smoke (Remix)


One-half of the legendary UGK, the late rapper is also fondly remembered for his flashy and fun solo albums. The final verse of Diamonds and Wood is easily Pimp C's best ever. It saw the release of new music by established rap favorites like Jay Z and Nas, and the emergence of newcomers like Lupe Fiasco and Rhymefest. By Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib. Pimp C has already been viewed 27, times since it was posted on Sunday, November 12, The 5 Best Songs Of The But now a coroner has officially declared that Pimp C's cause of death was down to drinking too much cough syrup. Screwed Up Click.

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I Wanna Smoke (Featuring Psycho)

She Loves Me feat. Z Ro latest new mixtapes for free streaming and download. With his signature melodic delivery, Z-Ro is sure to get the streets bussing with Codeine.






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    I wanna wanna chief, wanna smoke me a blunt I wanna get fucked up. Wanna smoke (2x) Wanna choke (2x) Wanna get fucked up. I'm rollin up so many blunts .

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