Is alex vause in season 6

Is Alex Dead on Orange Is the New Black?

is alex vause in season 6

Jul 27, Warning: Spoilers ahead for Orange Is The New Black season 6. Those are the first words we hear out of the mouth of supposed Orange Is The New Black leading lady Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) in the Netflix dramedy’s sixth season. Up until the fourth episode, Piper takes Alex's.


Spoilers ahead for Orange Is the New Black season six. For six seasons, OITNB has been building up to the impasse when that divide would expose its irreversible damage. Its new tyrant Linda Ferguson Beth Dover — promoted after she blackmailed MCC for getting her falsely imprisoned last season — attempts to save face, or so it seems, by ordering the release of 25 inmates based on an easily manipulated scoring system. Blanca had to also carefully negotiate her release, calculating the opportune moment to rat out a friend to avoid extra time, then keep out of trouble and wait for a miracle. Like Taystee tells Caputo as she awaits the verdict, the justice system is nothing but a cruel charade. She is found guilty of murdering Piscatella and sentenced to life in prison. But watch closely as Piper exits: Two lines are formed, one for whites and blacks, the other for the Latinx releases.

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. Here's The Answer Ariana Romero. That question is also the second and third thing the panicked inmate says during her dream sequence introduction, despite the fact that surprise guest Alex Trebek has some very pressing Jeopardy -style questions for her. Piper has no idea the real victim was Maureen Kukudio Emily Althaus. Related Stories. He is pulling Alex by her feet, which is not what one usually does with someone who is alive.

Alex and Piper's romance has been one of the constant threads throughout Orange Is The New Black 's run — and is kind of the reason Piper ended up at Litchfield in the first place — but after the prison riot last season, it's unclear where Alex ended up amidst the chaos. Alex, played by Laura Prepon, is pretty absent throughout the first few episodes of Season 6. The last viewers saw her was in Litchfield's bunker, waiting for riot police to come collect her and her group. When she doesn't turn up at Litchfield's Maximum Security unit, where the show's other main characters have been carted after the conflict, Piper becomes increasingly worried that she might've been killed in the bunker. Another possibility wracking around in her head is that she might've been put on a bus headed to another maximum security prison somewhere across the country. That's obviously favorable to her being dead, but still means that Piper can't see her.

It's hard to imagine Litchfield life without Alex and Piper, but Orange Is the New Black fans were forced to fear the worst when Laura Prepon's character was noticeably absent from the show's intense season six trailer.
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The series is created and adapted for television by Jenji Kohan. This season takes place in a maximum security prison , after the inmates incite a riot at Litchfield Penitentiary during the previous season, and the season deals with the fallout from the riot. Meanwhile, the guards play a fantasy sport game called "fantasy inmate". Several supporting characters who appeared throughout the first five seasons are absent in this season due to change in setting, but this season introduces several new characters featured in maximum security. Suzanne has hallucinations while getting back on her medications. She is the first interviewed by a federal investigation into the riot and murders.

One of those inmates, who we notably don't see in the season six trailer , is Alex Vause. Played by Laura Prepon, Alex is Piper's perpetually on-off girlfriend until the season five finale episode, when the two get engaged. Within the first episode of season six, we see Chapman as a contestant on Jeopardy within a hallucination by Crazy Eyes , answering all of Alex Trebek's questions with, "Where is Alex? The next time we actually see any image of Alex is in a flashback to what happens after the prison riot ends. She's being pulled by her feet, lifeless and her arm still in a sling, to an unknown location. In the following few episodes, Piper's quest for answers leads her to a visit to the hospital wing and the interrogation room with FBI agents. Viewers get the advantage of hearing that the "tall one" killed down in the bunker is Piscatella, but when Piper hears the "tall one" has died in the bunker, she assumes it's her bride-to-be.

Orange is the New Black has been groundbreaking in its ability to tell a wide range of stories from diverse perspectives, thanks to its large ensemble cast. But there's one character who's been at the core of the series from the very beginning, and that's Piper Chapman Taylor Schilling. The entire series began with Piper's first day in prison, and audiences have followed her journey ever since. The seventh and final season of the Netflix series, premiering July 26, will present the conclusion of Piper's story, and this refresher on what happened to Piper in Orange is the New Black Season 6 will remind you of everything you need to know before watching it. At the start of Season 6, Piper arrived at maximum security prison after the Season 5 riot led to the closing down of the minimum security prison. All of the prisoners were relocated, with some people even moving to facilities across the country. She was so desperate, she even asked another prisoner, Badison Amanda Fuller , to help her get into the medical unit to search for Alex there.

Alex Vause

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