Drop and fluff progression photos

How Breast Implants Drop as You Heal

drop and fluff progression photos

7 wks po-Drop & fluff, scars, massages etc! Mentor Silicone implants!


When breast implants are first put into your body, they typically sit higher up in the chest. Your skin will most likely look very tight and your nipples may point slightly downward as well. This may make the shape and overall appearance of your breasts appear unnatural. Over the course of about three to four months, your body creates new skin to accommodate the additional volume of your implants. It allows for the implants to settle more into a better position with the help of gravity. A gradual redistribution of volume from the upper to the lower breast occurs, resulting in an enlargement and rounding out of the lower breast. The extent to which this occurs depends on several factors, including the implant size, the tightness of your skin, and your body shape.

This lovely lady wishes to remain anonymous - love these drop and fluff results! Wollongong, New South Wales. No bruising and beccaellyn has had very little pain or discomfort! During this time, a patient must be utterly compliant with the guidance from the surgeon. Secondly, paddleboarding! I had a moment as I was paddleboarding, thinking, this is crazy.

Breast Augmentation Results: Why Patience is Key

Bottoming Out Progression! {6 week PO Breast Augmentation}

Drop And Fluff

By Bunnykins , May 27, in Breast Surgery. Ooooh thank you for this!!!!! Was trying to google something similar today. Great video! They were scary the first week or two!!

Although often referenced, the drop and fluff concept is much easier to understand if you have a visual. For this, we turn to some real before-and-after photos. In this photo, you can see that the breasts still look high and firm at 1 month after breast augmentation. Although her breasts look unmistakably larger than before surgery, the implants still look somewhat compressed by the tightness of the surrounding breast tissue. The photo taken at 6 months post-op looks very natural. The inframammary fold where the incisions were placed is now fully hidden by the curvature of the breasts, while the entire upper pole area looks softer and more natural.

Breast implants take time to settle, and you will see some changes during the first six months. When breast implants are placed submuscularly under the pectoralis muscle , they may sit slightly higher on the chest and feel firm to the touch in the weeks following surgery—this is completely normal. Post-surgery, your muscles are tense and stressed, prompting them to squeeze the implant tightly against your chest. This effectively pushes the implant upward above the top edge of the muscle, creating excess upper breast fullness. Your implants will then look and feel more like natural breasts.





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