A hat in time queen vanessa

Queen Vanessa

a hat in time queen vanessa

Queen Vanessa is an enemy encountered in A Hat in Time, as the lone living resident of her manor at the center of Act 4 in Subcon Forest. Queen Vanessa.

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Queen Vanessa is an enemy encountered in A Hat in Time , as the lone living resident of her manor at the center of Act 4 in Subcon Forest. Queen Vanessa appears as an inhumanly tall, shadowy figure whose form is comparable to constantly shifting smoke, though official artwork, the final page of the Storybook and the shadow she casts actively portray her with thin arms, long messy hair and a large hunched-over stature. The only real distinguishing of her in-game model are her eyes which ignite in a bright red glow. It is possible that Vanessa is human given the largely humanoid design provided by the Storybook. However, this has issues due to the Queen's ability to transform trespassers, including Hat Kid , into ice. Since no other human character without the assistance of the Time Pieces could possess any major magical abilities combined with her unique shadowy shroud, makes the true species which Queen Vanessa belongs to a mystery. Though little is known about Queen Vanessa, it is obvious that she is obsessive and highly dangerous.

Two Headless statues will try to attack the player when they reach the front door. A fourth "Third Floor" is also present in the current version and was originally planned to had been used between the second floor and attic, but is left unused. Basement is where the Hat Kid first enters in order to sneak into the Manor. The Dweller Mask can be used to see certain invisible marks. One of them seems to represent a human chained to a wall. A door is present in the basement, where it requires a key found in the adjacent room to go to First Floor.

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Queen Vanessa's Manor

I'M SCARED FOR MY LIFE... (A Hat in Time) #5

Moon Jumper

I live and breathe for this horizon, it's my home! The Moonjumper also known as The Moon Jumper is a mysterious puppeteer that was scrapped from the final game. The Moon Jumper bears a striking resemblance to Vanessa's Prince, having an identical jacket and chains around his wrists likely from his imprisonment beneath Vanessa's Manor. The Moon jumper is not implemented into the game, although his graphic and his 2D model does appear in the game's files. Early developer commentary claims that Moonjumper was 'stuck in the horizon', likening it to a prison that he is unable to leave, and that throughout the original level of Subcon Forest, he would attempt to get Hat Kid to join him in the horizon. The Moonjumper remained as part of the story up through the Beta Build.

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Queen Vanessa's Manor is the Act 4 of the third Chapter: Subcon Forest.
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