Worst loss in nfl history

The Most Embarrassing Losses In Sports History...

worst loss in nfl history

Most Heartbreaking Loss From Every NFL Team

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The worldchampion took the lead, but the Dutch stroke back and dethroned the Spanishwith an astonishing blow out. It was thehighest defeat for a world champion at his first game of a World Cup. Bylosing the second game too, Spain was eliminated already at the groups stage. In honor of the embarrassing Brazil loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-final. I wanted to make a list of more embarrassing losses to see where the Brazil one ranked. I thought of 14 other embarrassing losses to go along with the Brazil one.

When the Atlanta Falcons took a lead in the third quarter of their matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in , it got us wondering two things. One: Is the Georgia Dome scoreboard equipped with a third digit in case the Falcons break the century mark? So much for a league of parity, right? Here, for your perusal, are the top seven blowouts in modern professional football since the first Super Bowl was played. For the purposes of this project, we looked for winning teams that scored at least 60 points in a lopsided victory margin of 35 points or more. Games are listed in chronological order. The Eagles only won two games in the entire season, and their level of talent or lack thereof was painfully obvious in an embarrassing point loss to the Giants at old Yankee Stadium.

In sports, a blowout is an easy or one-sided victory. Team A defeats Team B 75— The term is often used in reference to athletic competition, but it is used in other contexts such as electoral politics see also the synonym landslide. During blowouts, sports play-by-play announcers are challenged to maintain viewing and listening audience interest and ratings. The announcers attempt to keep a stock of relevant informative discourse for such events.

The 7 Worst Blowouts in Modern NFL History was painfully obvious in an embarrassing point loss to the Giants at old Yankee Stadium.
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We surveyed more than of ESPN's writers, editors, broadcasters and other experts from a variety of sports to rank the most stunning blowouts of all time. We're talking about more than just wildly lopsided scores, although that's a huge part of it. It's about overall wow factor -- taking into account level of play, level of competition, importance of the contest and historical perspective. Tennessee quarterbacks Kerry Collins and Vince Young combined for minus-7 passing yards. On the play Montana was hurt, Lawrence Taylor intercepted the pass and returned it for a touchdown to push the Giants' lead to before halftime.

Blowout (sports)

The Most HEARTBREAKING Loss In Every NFL Team's History

ESPN.com ranks the 100 worst blowouts in sports history: Nos. 25-1

Santonio Holmes tapped his toes in bounds and stretched out of bounds to haul in a Ben Roethlisberger pass to give the Steelers a win. The Falcons' loss to the Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs was the franchise's most lopsided playoff loss. Bills fans probably remember him as the man who ran back a kickoff in the playoffs after several laterals. The Panthers' only Super Bowl appearance in franchise history ended in one of the most painful ways possible, a loss on a last-second kick. But we all know the story. He botched the hold on a yard field goal that would have won the game for the Cowboys.

What are the biggest blowouts in the history of the NFL postseason? First of all, we need to identify our criteria for identifying what constitutes a blowout. Would it be a point win?

The 7 Worst Blowouts in Modern NFL History

By: nesbittandy1 March 30, pm ET. With no time left in the game, Stefon Diggs hauled in a catch thanks to some questionable defense and raced in for the game-winning, yard TD. Power Rankings: The best teams in pro football history. After the game, owner Jerry Jones said he …. In the days after firing coach John Fox and before deciding on Ron Rivera as his replacement, the Carolina Panthers thought one thing was …. The most coveted free agent after this season may not be a player. As usual, we did see much ….



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