Only fat girls like me

If He Could Get a “Hot” Girl, Why Would He Want a Fat Girl?

only fat girls like me

My life in sex: 'I've been told that, as a fat girl, I should be grateful for attention' Another told me women were gold-diggers and he was in love with his Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute.


The king-size bed is inset into a floor-to-ceiling window. The room is lit from below and everything glows warm. Our Nikes are on the floor next to our clothes. All black. I hear the water running and watch as he washes me off his hands and rinses me from his mouth. We just gave the neighborhood below quite the show.

Have you heard the one about the shy college student who stayed on campus for the holidays and was befriended by the beautiful girl down the hall? How each day they spent together, with each playful slap and private joke exchanged, he fell deeper in love with her? Do you know the one about the guy who drove hundreds of miles to spend every weekend with his best friend? Cooked her dinner and looped his arm through hers when they took sunset walks on the Boston Harbor? Introduced her to his family and all of his friends but only showed her physical affection when he was drunk?

Netflix’s New Rom-Com Won’t Let A Fat Girl Be Loved On Her Own Terms

Fat And Sexy: Body Positivity & Celebrating Diverse Body Types

"A guy doesn't like a girl because she's fat? 'A**hole! "It annoys the living f*** out of me that women aren't held to the same societal standards.
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  1. Jack R. says:

    And this movie looked like it was going to deliver the thrills to the teen in all of our hearts!

  2. Ciarasnoko says:

  3. Terrence W. says:

  4. Renbilantre1967 says:

    P.S. I Love You

  5. Daisy B. says:

    Only using head and shoulders pictures was a classic 'fat girl trick' Paige girl standing in front of a surprisingly hot guy, asking him to like me.

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