Best horses red dead 2

How to get the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2

best horses red dead 2

This page details the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 and will show you how to get them -- including the free White Arabian (Elite.

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But with so many breeds to choose from and so many ways of getting horses, finding the right one can be a pain. Firstly it's worth noting that the best horses come from stables, and you're going to have to shell out for them. Sure, you can steal one you like the look of or you can tame a wile stallion that tickles your fancy, but the only way to get the best of the best is to crack into your savings. Arabians have the best stats overall, and during the main story the best one you can get your hands on is available from the stables in South St Denis, which you can find on the left as you ride in from the west. However, you can also get a white one for free. It can be a bit flighty, but it's tameable with a little patience.

One thing that new players will notice immediately about Red Dead Redemption 2 , is the pacing. Just sit down to play a game of Dominos and you'll know what I mean. While many players may be turned off by this, it is truly part of the game's charm. You are forced to take your time and really see and feel all that this world has to offer. This is true most of all where getting around is concerned.

One of the most unique aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 's gameplay concerns horses. Instead of just being a way to get from point A to point B, the horse has now become Arthur Morgan's most trusted ally; a character with a personality in and of itself that can determine the difference between life and an early grave. Every horse has its own traits. Not only does each breed come in various colors, but they all have specific strengths and weaknesses. Each breed also has a particular way in which it reacts to Arthur, although that is also dependent on how Arthur chooses to treat the horse.

This page details the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 and will show you how to get them -- including the free White Arabian Elite Arabian that you can get very early in game. In Red Dead Redemption , horses come in many types - and some have a certain advantage over others. Specific horses that are hard to find or purchase also have superior stats in speed, acceleration, health, and stamina. As horses come in many types, most of them have some strengths but also carry drawbacks - however, below you'll find some of the best horses in a particular category at a glance:. Of all the Arabian Horses , The White Arabian Horse is the only elite horse that can be found in the wild instead of having to be purchased, saving you a thousand dollars! The other Arabian Horses still boat impressive speed and acceleration, but the Black coat can only be bought from Chapter 4 onwards from the Saint Denis Stable, and the Rose Grey Bay coat can only be bought at the Epilogue in the Blackwater Stable.

Horses are an essential part of your day-to-day life in Red Dead Redemption 2, acting not only as your primary means of getting around, but also as a kind of extension of yourself, with your mount carrying its own statistics, conditions and tack that need to be maintained and optimised as you go. What you might be wondering though is how to get the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 , and so we explain that, as well as lots of other handy horsy things like how to calm and break a horse , increase horse bonding level , find new horses and anything else you'll need to know about Red Dead Redemption 2's equestrian systems and mechanics. There are a couple of candidates for the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2, depending on what exactly you're after.

You receive your first horse pretty early in your journey, which is handy as the world is far too big to explore on foot, however this starter steed is hardly the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse. Lovely though it is, it doesn't have the pace or the stamina needed for the long journeys you'll be taking through Red Dead Redemption 2 , so at some point you're going to need to upgrade. You'll be pleased to hear that the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse is out there and ready for you to claim for free , but before you go after it you'll need to learn about breaking horses. This prime stallion is a tricky beast to locate, and when you find it you'll still have to work hard to tame it, but it's definitely worth all the hassle. Put in the work, and you'll be able to proudly ride in the saddle of the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, there is also a wild variant of this breed, the White Arabian, that has better overall stats. The White Arabian is an elusive creature that hides out in the tundra of the West Grizzlies.





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