Sleek white robot in wall e

Sleek white robot in WALL-E

sleek white robot in wall e



Humans have abandoned Earth for luxury liners in space following a catastrophic buying blitz that has left the surface of the planet covered in waste. Despite its post-apocalyptic subplot, the film is a shining example of what Pixar does best: Create a visually stunning animated landscape and populate it with easy-to-love anthropomorphic characters. The sweeping aerial views of a desolate cityscape and the jaw-dropping space scenes alone are worth the price of admission. Andrew Stanton , who wrote and directed Wall-E , denies that the film has any underlying environmental or social agenda. And indeed, the first portion of the film follows Wall-E for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class as the lonely automaton zips around the trash-strewn landscape, faithfully compacting sky-high piles of garbage left by humankind. These endearing early scenes of the weathered bot bumbling around Earth, collecting artifacts and wistfully watching Hello, Dolly! After hundreds of years aboard Axiom, humanity has turned into a sea of lazy, machine-dependent consumers content to float on plus-size hovering recliners and slurp supersize sodas.

Wall-E and EVE in their natural forms? I could take them both on wearing nothing but a loincloth and wielding a curtain rod. Wow, referencing Wall-E twice in two posts -- I'm keeping it fresh as hell today! I don't care what noone thinks of me on this one, I might have actually watched the movie if wall-e looked like that lol but apparently thats not even wall-e it walld-o still more badass imho. But, but Wall-E is a trash compactor. Where is the compactor???

This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. The importance of protecting the environment -- and the consequences of inaction and greed in the face of potential environmental catastrophe -- are a cornerstone to this movie.

An accordion-necked vacuum-bot aboard the axiom. Programmed to clean and scrub, but prone to sneezing fits. A robotic hairdresser aboard the Axiom, programmed to make small-talk as she styles hair with her cutting edge styling technology. Microbe Obliterator M-O is a cleaner-bot who loves to clean away all foreign contaminants that find their way onto the Axiom. A light-bot aboard the Axiom.

He resembles a smaller, more cubic version of Johnny-5 from Short Circuit. He is the main character in the movie and was set to the assignment of cleaning the Earth, while the humans are waiting aboard Axiom ship. He is the only WALL-E left after nearly years, and due to this, he has attained a curious personality of his own. He had made some kind of porta-garage into his home, cluttering it with various things he had found that piqued his intrest. It is evident in the movie that he is a robot suffering from lonliness after years, for he records the same music from the same show. The show is viewed from an old, battered TV, connected to an iPod. The show is a very old classic, considering the year the movie takes place in, called "Hello Dolly".


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