Dangers of using tarot cards

Danger of Tarot Cards

dangers of using tarot cards

Is the Tarot Evil and the Work of the Devil?

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Origin of the Tarot Tarot cards were originally developed in the 15th century, merely as a deck of playing cards. Various non-occultic card games were played throughout Europe with the picture cards. There have been numerous designs for tarot card decks, though most decks have retained the same four traditional tarot suites. Decks have ranged from 15 to 78 cards. Around the end of the 18th century, tarot cards began to be used as a form of divination, or telling the future.

The danger of tarot is not that it contacts evil spirits, not that it shows your imminent doom in the Death card, and not that it attracts the curses of the dead upon you, but something far more common and even worse than any curse — the danger of laziness. We know that generally, half of people think that tarot is negative in some way. However, the reason they give is not because of the aforementioned idiocies but actually for a very good reason. They know, as some tarot enthusiasts online may seem to be forgetting, exactly why the tarot is dangerous. It aimed to survey public attitudes to subjects such as astrology, tarot, and psychic phenomena and its results were used to establish all regulation on the broadcasting of such subjects in the UK. Whilst I looked at this survey in detail in Tarot in Culture Vol.

At no stage do the cards pass through a process where people put curses on them or likewise bless them with love. Tarot cards themselves are a product.
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Maybe you would love a Tarot Reading but feel like it may confuse you or can create an unnecessary expectation for your life. Been there! The Tarot System of cards is said to go back to Egypt and was introduced to Europe in the 14 th century. The Tarot is an intricate system of cards which includes aspects of numerology, astrology, archetype wisdom, psychology, alchemy, and divination. It consists of 78 cards divided into Mayor Arcana and Minor Arcana.

From being a teenager my mother and I visited Mediums. What I was most attracted to was the Tarot Cards. I quickly learnt how to read them, and started reading for family and friends. To me, this was just a hobby that me, my friends and my family could enjoy. Then I began to go to development circles and became enthralled. I went out and bought heaps of different books on self-development, meditations, chakra reading, channeling, etc. I studied them earnestly, eager to develop.

So, you would like to learn Tarot but worry that, somehow, they are dangerous, evil and forbidden. You have heard all of the bad rumours about Tarot but are beginning to question if they are true. First, a bit of background. At 24, I won an award for my work with Tarot Young Tarosophist of the Year and have appeared in media all over the world. If you're curious what I look like, below is a pic:.

Are Tarot Cards Evil, Bad or in any way Dangerous?

Well, in every difficult situation of a man, there are people who make life even worse. They make it so cunningly that every person in a distress easily falls into the clows of such a person. - Back in when I was starting Holisticshop.

Are Tarot Cards Safe?

Every year I get countless emails from people who feel drawn to Tarot, yet are simultaneously afraid of it. When you dabble in the psychic arts with things like mediumship, channeling, Tarot, psychic development and meditation, you are indeed entering another world. Many fear that by lifting the veil between the physical and the spiritual, you may be opening the door to not just helpful spirits and energies but negative ones as well. But is there really a risk of inviting negative energy into your life when you dabble with Tarot cards? Or is this just something that religious relatives harp on about?

The danger of tarot is not that it contacts evil spirits, not that it shows or add text to a set of tarot cards, they are often using the tool of tarot to.
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