Album 5 seconds of summer sounds good feels good

Sounds Good Feels Good

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This new album displays a much darker sound for the band compared to their first self-titled album released last June. A proficient guitar solo in the middle of the track demonstrates their immense talent and musical proficiency. The song is based on the childhood of the drummer Ashton Irwin and his alcoholic father, according to producer John Feldmann in an interview with Fuse. The lyrics expose the pain felt by Irwin in a broken home life. The track boasts a heavenly atmosphere, featuring a full choir and an organ.

Pop-punk is a slippery categorization. This imprecision is often maddening to purists, especially when a line-blurring band such as 5 Seconds Of Summer—which has opened for pop superstars One Direction but whose members are massive fans of All Time Low and Blink—comes around. This is no coincidence. But Sounds Good Feels Good more often takes its cues from genre-fluid albums by pop-punk-leaning bands e. This is more a function of growing pains than anything else, a relatively new band stretching its songwriting scope and not quite hitting the mark. Its underlying message is that life is precious, and enjoying what you have and not taking things too seriously is important.

Sounds Good Feels Good (Deluxe), an album by 5 Seconds of Summer on Spotify.
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Sounds good, feels good. Later on, most of its tracks were released soon after, making the new album of 5SOS a treat to anyone willing to listen to it. Well, if you want to find out, stay in this post and read on. Sounds Good Feels Good was released after the phenomenonal success of their 5 Seconds of Summer album of the same name. And viola: in mid, they released this album, right here.

Recording sessions took place from to , in the United States. Recording and writing started after the band became popular worldwide with the release of their debut album, 5 Seconds of Summer , and two of its singles in particular, " She Looks So Perfect " and " Amnesia ". The band flew to Los Angeles in early to start writing and recording what was to become their second album. On their headline tour beginning in early May, they began performing "Permanent Vacation" which was a new song off their album. Many songs touch on severe topics like depression and mental health. The band stated that the album was written as a way for them to work through personal issues, and from there they worked to make it an album for their fans, as well. In an interview with Notion magazine, they stated:.

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5 Seconds Of Summer’s ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’: Album Review

5 Seconds Of Summer - ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’



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    The album was generally praised for its maturity compared to the It's 5SOS' attempt to find community in their new sound and Kerrang! awarded it a 4/5 rating, commenting "Sounds Good Feels Good won't change.

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