No puedo parar de alabarte

Marco Barrientos No Puedo Parar De Alabarte

no puedo parar de alabarte

No Puedo Parar de Alabarte Cristo-Erick Porta (con letra)

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Erick Porta. Toda rodilla se dobalra ante el Es jesucristo Dios por siempre Y toda lengua confesara ante el Es jesucristo Dios por siempre. No, no puedo parar de alabarte No, no puedo parar de alabarte No, no puedo parar de alabarte, Cristo No puedo parar, No puedo parar, No puedo parar de su nombre exaltar No no no, no puedo yo parar, no puedo parar de alabar No no no, no puedo yo parar, a Jesucristo yo quiero exalter No puedo parar, No puedo parar, No puedo parar de su nombre exaltar. My Music. This will be your default for searching and browsing, but we'll still show you results for other languages. More from this album

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Marco Barrientos born June 28, is an Evangelical Christian musician , pastor, author, teacher, and speaker known for combining practical biblical principles with the flow of prophetic songs. He is a worship leader and an international speaker. Since his graduation, he has been in full-time ministry, beginning as associate pastor of "Amistad Cristiana" in Mexico City. He remained there for 13 years, and then he founded the ministry "Amistad Cristiana Internacional" and the music label "Aliento Producciones", in which he is president. He is also the director and host of "Avivanos", Revive us an annual worship conference part of Amistad Cristiana Internacional, Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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