Magnum made to be broken

Magnum TV Commercial, 'Made to Be Broken'

magnum made to be broken

All wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that was made to be broken. Indulge in signature Magnum luxury in an ice cream tub unlike any other.

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Enter your email address below to get Food News delivered straight to your inbox. While fans of the ice cream are probably used to eating it in bar form, Magnum has transitioned into actual scoopable ice cream pints, while still somehow keeping its unmistakable chocolate shell. Yes, the ice cream pint will be surrounded by a chocolate shell that will literally crack when you squeeze the tub, so while the look is a little different, it will still feel very similar. Magnum first tested out the tubs out in Singapore, releasing three flavors back in the summer of Those flavors were a bit different than the U.

Footage from a Magnum factory shows the delicate process used to produce Magnum Ice Cream.
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Available for the first time in Asia and exclusively in Singapore, Magnum pints offers the luxurious Magnum cracking chocolate and ice cream bar experience in a new pint format. Carefully made to be broken, the range includes three indulgent Magnum flavours: Classic, Almond and White. Each pint contains generous shards of Magnum chocolate with layers of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream, carefully enclosed within a luxuriously decadent cracking Magnum chocolate shell. Providing Pleasure Seekers with the perfect accompaniment for a luxurious night-in, Magnum pints provide a new way to enjoy your Magnum moment and offers a me-time treat, for pleasure whenever. And what better way to launch this bold product than with this extraordinary installation at ION Orchard. Sampling of the Magnum pints will take place at two timings daily, 12pm and 6pm, while stocks last.

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Exclusive: Magnum's Coming Out With Four New Pints Of Ice Cream

Despite what Rachel Bilson and Cara Delevingne might lead you to believe, there's no cute way to eat a Magnum ice cream bar. When the crunchy outer shell cracks, as it's supposed to, you're left scrambling to keep the chocolate pieces in check as you scarf down your ice cream. Now that the luxe ice cream brand is venturing into pints, that problem is solved ó and you still get to enjoy the famous chocolate shell. Launching in mid-January, Magnum Tubs come in four flavors, and each has a shell of Belgian chocolate lining the carton look closely at the tub for a visual! Before opening it, you're supposed to "crack" the tub by squeezing the sides, causing shards of chocolate to spread out into every bite. Each flavor is crazy-rich; unlike all the low-cal , high-protein ice creams currently trending, these pints are about as decadent as you can get.



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    Enjoy Magnum by the spoonful. Rich chocolate shards swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream. All wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that is made to be broken.

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    Magnum Pints "Made to be Broken" on Vimeo

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