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bugs bunny and the witch

Looney tunes- episode with hansel and gretel

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Witch Hazel is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. The name is a reference to the plant witch-hazel and folk remedies based on it. Different characters of the same name appeared in several studios' short films throughout the golden age of American animation ; the first was in the Disney cartoon Trick or Treat , voiced by June Foray. Starting with Broom-Stick Bunny , Foray took over voicing the character. Despite their common name, Jones' Witch Hazel is a much different witch from her Disney counterpart.

Bugs Bunny is exploring Dark Africa, but he runs into a short, big-lipped, dark-skinned witch doctor, Dr. Spots, who wants to use him as a key ingredient in a prescription or recipe. At first Bugs tricks the mad doctor, but the doctor threatens Bugs with his spear and takes Bugs backs to his hut. Initially believing he is enjoying a hot bath, Bugs notices that he's being cooked and escapes, while Dr. Spots chases him. Bugs disguises himself as a stereotypical Zulu native woman but this ploy fails. In the river, he finds and swims to a ferry boat.

Sign in. Watch now. Bugs Bunny finds the Tasmanian Devil in his encyclopedia just as the animal threatens to devour him. Marvin Martian is monitoring through his telescope a rocket launch on Earth. The rocket heads straight for him and lands on Mars. The only occupant is Bugs Bunny, lured into Cape Canaveral

Which Is Witch is a Looney Tunes short directed by Friz Freleng. Bugs Bunny is exploring Dark Africa, but he runs into a short, big-lipped, dark-skinned .
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Witch Hazel is a recurring Looney Tunes series character. The animator Chuck Jones , of his own admission, got the idea of Witch Hazel from the Disney cartoon " Trick or Treat " , which featured a good-natured witch squaring off with Donald Duck. Enamored of the character's voice characterization, provided by June Foray , Jones developed his own Witch Hazel character for the Bugs Bunny short " Bewitched Bunny " The story retells the classic fairy tale " Hansel and Gretel ", and Witch Hazel, naturally, plays the witch who tries to cook and eat the children. Bugs Bunny witnesses her coaxing the children inside, however, and saves the youths from Witch Hazel's clutches. However, once the witch realizes that Bugs is a rabbit, she chases him to put him into her witch's brew.

With green skin, Witch Hazel stands on minor, spindly legs and has a tacky bust and back. Frayed dark hair, a developed nose, and a projecting jawline complete her look as a characteristically customary wickedness witch. She is all around the converse of the well meaning Disney Witch Hazel, and thusly, passes on some not exactly lovely topics and messages. Filling the job of the witch from stories, for example, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and a specific Shakespearian trio who will seem later in this arrangement, Witch Hazel is connected to the outstanding models. The customary plot is generally put on hold, be that as it may, when she finds Bugs Bunny. Being the rabbit that he is, Witch Hazel obviously needs him, or a bit of him, for some abhorrent blend that she is composing.

Witch Hazel

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    Witch Hazel is an animated cartoon character in the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie While trick-or-treating on Halloween as a witch, Bugs Bunny visits Witch Hazel's house, and she mistakes him for an actual witch. Jealous that this.

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