Yfn lucci wish me well 3

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yfn lucci wish me well 3

Music Reviews: Wish Me Well 3 by YFN Lucci released in via Think It's A Game, Warner Bros.


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In , he released his second mixtape, Wish Me Well 2 , which included the hit single " Key to the Streets ". His debut extended play , Long Live Nut , was released in and peaked at number 27 on the Billboard chart. In , he released his first studio album Ray Ray From Summerhill which peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Rayshawn Bennett was born on February 18, , in Atlanta , Georgia. His father was a immigrant from Jamaica. In , Lucci along with artist Jacquees were chosen to star in Sean John 's holiday and spring campaigns. Discussing how he developed his sing-song style in an interview with Noisey , Lucci said; "Growing up, I always had this high-pitched voice.

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Surprise offerings 3 and 3: The Sequel serve as a prequel to Lucci's forthcoming Wish Me Well 3 mixtape, which is due out in the coming.
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Real nigga, real nigga, real nigga radio Uh, he say Gotta listen to whatever word he say Gotta listen to whatever he say Yeah Listen to whatever Look, uh Home state, I had the game, EA No, we can't ever give these niggas leeway No, we can't be worryin' 'bout what the streets say Gotta tote the four-five, know we keep spray Uh, got at least four or five brewin' when we play Be cool, you don't really want a wound from the K Be cool, you don't really want them goons in your place Be cool, lil' dude, it ain't nothin' to get you ate, yeah I'ma pop shit like I never did Whole lot of money, ain't it evident? Call it like an elephant Promise I ain't never hit, who the fuck you better than? We ain't never learn that Yeah, uh, and yeah, I'ma ball, but I'm still learning Whole lot of bridges to cross and I can't burn 'em A whole lot of niggas I lost and it still burning, yeah Uh, came from the slums, lil' nigga, we stayed down We ain't got no problem whenever we move around Know I'm going even if he dead wrong, look Them my dawgs, I would never change on Uh, change, man, I love you, can't change on you Change whenever I put my chains on Change whenever I got my rings on [ Bigga Rankin] Real nigga, real nigga, real nigga radio It's a cold world we live in One where love can turn into hate and real is almost always fake Dawg, it's a tough lesson to learn Knowing that not everybody wishes you well Now, this is not the ending This is where we stop telling the story See Wish Me Well 3, an album worth of hits Made a mixtape worth of pain Wish Me Well 3 is on the way. Coup de coeur. Nouveaux albums. Fans de musique latine? Corriger les paroles.

I am, one bad muthafucker Just a young fly nigga but you know I'm bout this cash muthafucker Look I'm from where we jack muthafuckers. My tank on E and we ain't had no supper My kids gotta eat, you know that K don't sleep And when that K start to speak shit sound like it stutter Hard body bitch you know I came out the gutter Got fame and allot of gold chains off my hustle Look how I came in last game fourth quarter Got another game Rich Porter Only give a bitch good dick and some orders Never take advice from a nigga who don't love ya Gotta walk light, gotta stay above water Everything good but shit done got harder I rather eat last than to starve my nigga Came in set the standers raised the bars on you niggas I let you niggas get a head start on a nigga Can't win gotta get smarter nigga You can't win you'll never catch me not goin in Every verse solid like mans Who know fuckin' with the boy with the pen Niggas know I'm the God. Amen This shit was destined for me, this shit was destined for me I swear that they can see greatness in me Yeah, they can see greatness in me This shit gotta make me ain't no breakin' me I hope this shit take me far as I can see I swear this shit here was destined for me Fuck who he is, what he done, fuck what he said nigga lyin' If I ain't see it that ain't mean nun These niggas be talkin' bout a whole lot of nun Only time we playin' with them guns when we sprayin' some Gotta gone head get it done Can't play me better play with your son How they gone beat me when I already won They gone make me go Ace shit, niggas still hatin' I'ma hit the mall bust down on my bracelet I was down bad I ain't see too many faces Gotta ball with the same crew I ate off the plate with YFN all that I need, tell me who harder than me? Tryna have a mill before my lil daughter turn three Tryna have a mill before Wish Me Well 3 I am not in your league, I am out of your league I can't do this for free man this shit guaranteed This shit for me, I can do this in my sleep I'm probably on weed and codeine It was all just a dream, they never remember the smaller things They don't know the problems that money brings The money brings allot of things This shit was destined for me, this shit was destined for me I swear that they can see greatness in me Yeah, they can see greatness in me This shit gotta make me ain't no breakin' me I hope this shit take me far as I can see I swear this shit here was destined for me. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business.


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