Lego harry potter year 1 walkthrough part 1

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Guide

lego harry potter year 1 walkthrough part 1

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-7 All Cutscenes

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This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality. See How to Edit for help, or this article's talk page. The game was released on 25 June , Interactive Entertainment. The Mac version was published by Feral Interactive and released on 21st January

This walkthrough is meant to assist players maximize their initial run. You can replay previously played chapters so don't fret about missing anything in your first playthrough.
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You begin the game at the Leaky Cauldron. Approach the door 1 with no handle. Switch to Hagrid by default - [K] , aim the Wingardium Leviosa at the platform, wait for Harry to stand on it 2 and push him up. Switch back to Harry , go up the stairs onto the balcony and take the handle 1. Jump down and attach the handle to the door.

There are 24 levels for this game, and each one has four crest pieces to be found. About half of the crests can be found in story mode, while the rest will have to be gained in free play when you have other characters unlocked or able to toggle through. Pingback: Crest Blog. Pingback: Grace Potter Apologies Blog. Pingback: click through the following page.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough for Nintendo DS and 3DS Year 7 Part 1 Chapter 1

I have completed playing through the Lego Harry Potter Year DS game, at points I tried to find a full walkthrough for the DS version of the game but was unable to find anything. I will be posting separate posts for each chapter of the game while I re-play it, once I have finished I will combine all of my posts together to create a full walkthrough which you can print off and use. I hope you find this useful, please comment with your thoughts as this is my first ever walkthrough. Stand in the ring and press and hold the A button. One of the balloons is only accessible in free play mode after going through the second transportation ring. A Hermione bag spot will be left behind when the ice has melted. Use the transportation ring to transport your character to a secret area.

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With LEGO Harry Potter Years 5 7 having been released recently now is a great time to revisit the previous game in the series and finish up any missing achievements. Perhaps the most elusive one is to find all of the various hidden characters. While most of them can be gotten by just playing through the levels and interacting with everything in sight a few of them are a bit trickier or require solving puzzles to get to. This guide is broken up rather simply it goes stage by stage and explains what you need to have to unlock the hidden character and where to find it. In many cases you will have to revisit the level in Free Play to unlock a specific character or two so waiting until you meet all of the requirements before bothering to revisit will spare you replaying each level yet more times than necessary. Upon starting up the game you will automatically obtain the trio of Harry Potter, Ron and Hermoine. However none of them have any special abilities that are helpful to begin with.



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