Why do my legs hurt so bad during my period

8 Things You Didn't Know About Your Period

why do my legs hurt so bad during my period

What Do Period Cramps Actually Feel Like?

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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, pain is in the body in the beholder specifically your central nervous system. Just as one person might consider a painting a masterpiece while another might think the same painting is junk, some people have a high tolerance for pain while for others, everything hurts. While a thermometer can tell a doctor your temperature, only you can describe your pain to make sure it gets the attention it deserves. From This Episode: Dr. The scale is numbered from 0 to The chart goes from no pain to the worst possible pain. Even the dullest, most mild pains can be a sign that something is wrong.

Every person who has a period experiences period pain differently. Whether you bleed or not, you're likely to suffer from cramps, whether that's in your stomach, back, or legs. Sometimes, these cramps can be debilitating. At other times, they're much easier to cope with. There's a lot of talk about stomach cramps in particular, but what does period pain in your thighs mean? Understanding how period pain works is the key to understanding why you feel pain in a certain part of your body. Put simply, the pain arises from contractions within the womb , states the NHS.

Endometriosis is a chronic condition that occurs when endometrial cell tissue the cells that grow and shed as part of your menstrual cycle build up in places other than your uterus. When these cells try to exit your body with the rest of your endometrial tissue, they swell and become inflamed. Over time, this tissue can develop into nodules and lesions. Endometriosis affects as many as 1 in 10 women in the United States. The symptoms vary widely on a case-by-case basis, but leg pain is one of the more common symptoms.


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Can endometriosis cause leg pain?

As a woman, I am well-versed in the trials and tribulations of period pain. Delicious, no? Period pain can start out intense, and mellow as we age. Whether this is because we get used to it, or because of changing hormone levels is still in debate. I had the worst periods imaginable without having endometriosis, PCOS, or any of the other health conditions that make for painful periods until I started taking birth control.

Back to Health A to Z. Period pain is common and a normal part of your menstrual cycle. Most women get it at some point in their lives. The pain sometimes comes in intense spasms, while at other times it may be dull but more constant. Period pain happens when the muscular wall of the womb tightens contracts. Mild contractions continually occur in your womb, but they're usually so mild that most women cannot feel them. During your period, the wall of the womb starts to contract more vigorously to help the womb lining shed as part of your period.

Primary dysmenorrhea. This occurs when you first start your period and continues throughout your life., So, I must defer to Dr.





  1. Keith U. says:

    Personally, I've never experienced aching legs during my period, but some poking around on the Internet revealed that it's a very common symptom of PMS.

  2. Esperanza G. says:

    That's right, the cramps that fell your guts can even impact your legs.

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