List of 30 human rights

What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

list of 30 human rights

Human rights in two minutes

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Simplified Version This simplified version of the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been created especially for young people. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.

Marriage and Family. Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and when they are separated. The Right to Your Own Things. Everyone has the right to own things or share them.

We have 30 basic human rights, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, created by the United Nations in to provide a global understanding of how to treat individuals. I spoke on behalf of my generation, in front of teachers and community leaders. My three minutes grabbed the attention of Youth for Human Rights International, a non-profit organization teaching people their human rights. They asked if I would represent their organization. So the question is what are human rights?

It has been translated into more than languages worldwide, and more than African languages. The full text of its 30 articles in English can be found by clicking the subsequent links. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein. You are here: Start Universal Declaration Article Base fontsize.

What are the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Claiming Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document in the history of human rights. They have reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a friendly manner. It also makes no difference whether the country you live in is independent or not. The people who try you should not let themselves be influenced by others. If you are accused of a crime, you should always have the right to defend yourself.

The traumatic events of the Second World War brought home that human rights are not always universally respected. The extermination of almost 17 million people during the Holocaust, including 6 million Jews, horrified the entire world. After the war, governments worldwide made a concerted effort to foster international peace and prevent conflict. This resulted in the establishment of the United Nations in June In , representatives from the 50 member states of the United Nations came together under the guidance of Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady of the United States to devise a list of all the human rights that everybody across the world should enjoy. Seven decades on and the rights they included continue to form the basis for all international human rights law.





Universal Declaration of Human Rights






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    Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December General Assembly resolution A as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations.

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    Marriage and Family. Every grown-up has the right to marry and have a family if they want to. Men and women have the same rights when they are married, and.

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