Most awarded song in history

List of Academy Awards for Songs

most awarded song in history

"Shallow" by @LadyGaga & Bradley Cooper is now the MOST AWARDED song in HISTORY, surpassing "Formation" by @Beyonce.


Forgot your password? What we didn't know is that such award made Formation the most awarded song in history surpassing Michae Jackson's Thriller. How many awards? I'm trying to find that data right now. It's hard, because Thriller the album also has a lot of awards so it's easily confused.

It served as the album's lead single , released on February 6, through Parkwood Entertainment. It received mixed response for its alleged anti-police stance, which the singer denied, in addition to controversy over documentary footage used in the video. However, some critics praised its depiction of African-Americans not frequently seen in mainstream media. This has always been a big part of her identity; it's not one that the mainstream focus is on. People talk about her not centering it.

Forgot your password? An acheivement indeed. Talent did THAT. They would make her first Oscar be the one that breaks the record ugh. TCH jesus christ. Halfway to EGOT.

Forgot your password? By Law , February 25 in Battlegrounds. Surpassing Formation, thoughts? I personally am indifferent to the song but good for Gaga! This has been spreading like crazy, but it's actually fake news. Not surprised at the monsters making shit up.

Formation (song)

How ‘Shallow’ Could Make History at the Grammys

Your email address will not be published. Let us know what you have to say:. Notify me of new posts by email. She be over acting I knew as last year when the track was released it will an Oscar. She knew she would win long time ago. No hate. Haha got real talent though.









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