Wallis bird i am so tired of that line

Wallis Bird in session

wallis bird i am so tired of that line

Wallis Bird - I Am So Tired Of That Line (live bei TV Noir)


The process of Irish artists extensively road-testing new material in its raw form in advance of an album release is becoming increasingly more common. During the past year high profile acts such as Gemma Hayes and Delorentos have embarked on nationwide acoustic tours to serve their new music to their fans in its half-cooked state - allowing them in on the gestation period, gauging reactions, and using them to their advantage in the final stages of production. Limited to just online pre-order special edition copies - in handmade packaging stitched by Bird herself - the collection of solo acoustic home recordings offered a warts-and-all glimpse of what to expect from this her third album, the self titled Wallis Bird. Clever girl. The Mistakes Are Intentional served its purpose incredibly well - affording fans familiarity with tunes and lyrics in advance, the element of surprise come release day eliminated with instead an appreciation of the polished final product. And with this album, there really is plenty to appreciate.

The music video debuted on 1 February All songs on the album were written by Bird and produced by Marcus Wuest. For the launch of the album for promotion purposes Wallis featured in the film, Encore: The movie. The music documentary was produced by Phillip Kaessbohrer and features behind the scenes of the making of Wallis' third album. It also features live performances and an exclusive airing of the new tracks which feature on the album. The movie music documentary also features members of Wallis' band including Aoife O'Sullivan.

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  1. Pinguin123 says:

    I Am So Tired of That Line Lyrics: I love you / You love me / I am so tired of that line / You hunt food / And I make the babies, yeah / I am so tired of that line / Tell.

  2. Steve C. says:

    I love you. You love me. I am so tired of that line. You hunt food and I make the babies. Said I am so tired of that line. Tell me do you hear what I hear. Tell me do .

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