Toy freddy x toy bonnie

Toy Freddy

toy freddy x toy bonnie

Toy Freddy xToy Bonnie

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Main Gallery 54 submissions. Featured in the following folders: Five Nights at Freddy's. Well if you're like me and my little sister, we find this ship REALLY adorable, but if you don't like it, you don't have to ship it, just I don't want any rude comments. Oh no, I do like the art for them. I'm just curious about what makes this ship so appealing. Oh yeah, I barely see those ships too, well I said my perspective, but I dunno about the others. I was just asking.

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Toy freddy!!!!!! And with toy bonnie sorry but
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Okay, not the same anon but I'm curious, what would the toy animatronics do Fred,Chic,Bon,and Mangle if they saw the guard during the day like the reader working for the dayshift for the day getting yelled at or being harassed by a rude customer? Like, they befriended them and now they're seeing the guard getting harassed by someone. I'm sorry if this sounds weird or really specific. Toy Freddy, shy as all heck to any affection given to him by Toy Bonnie? Its more likely than you think. Do they interact with them the same way as they interact with other kids?

Five Nights at Freddys Animation: Toy Freddy vs Toy Bonnie

My first attempt at a story on this site, I will try my best to get more chapters in.. Disclaimer: I do not own 5 nights at Freddy's 2 or any of the characters.. - Toy Freddy is a new animatronic and one of the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2 , also being a titular antagonist. He is Freddy Fazbear 's "redesigned" counterpart from the past and an improved replacement of Freddy's pre-rebuilt incarnation by the name of Withered Freddy, serving as the mascot of the newly refurbished Freddy Fazbear's Pizza before its closure suggested by Phone Guy during Night 6.

toy freddy x toy bonnie



Five Nights at Freddy's Love Stories Part 1




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    Five Nights at Freddys Animation: Toy Freddy vs Toy Bonnie - Dailymotion Video

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