Famous people that didn t go to college

25 Famous People Who Never Cared For A College Degree

famous people that didn t go to college

You're likely to earn significantly more if you go to college and get your a third of the world's billionaires didn't have a bachelor's degree.

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May I have a confession to make. I find the whole snobbish going to university thing stupid. If you want to actually study something or be a doctor, then obviously go and reach your potential, but one of the things I find most stupid about social pressure is that everyone should go to university. At least if they want to be middle class. Tuition fees are now appallingly expensive, and the most annoying thing I found about the recent BBC class calculator is that they still put going to university and owning a home as an indicator of class.

A college degree is a means used by many to increase their salary potentials and marketability. In Hollywood, however, the university path is less necessary. Many Hollywood actors attended, for at least a time, prestigious universities. But, for a variety of reasons, such as pursuing their now-illustrious careers or simply not enjoying the college experience, they dropped out. Generally speaking, college graduates are less likely to experience unemployment than their peers without a diploma, but these celebrities have definitely defied the odds.

ultra successful people who succeeded without a college degree Robbins did not attend university and still managed to become head and . However, Kalanick is most famous for founding Uber, which now has a value.
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That depends. For some people, attending college is about networking, meeting new people, getting out of your shell and even earning degrees that can actually make you a valuable individual. While there are definitely pros and cons to this argument, one thing is for certain, the following 12 entrepreneurs struck gold after they dropped out of college to pursue their dreams. Microsoft owner and founder Bill Gates poses in front of hundreds of boxed Microsoft products in at the packaging facility in the new acre corpororate campus in Redmond, Washington. Gates left Harvard in to found Microsoft with Paul Allen.

15 Notable People Who Dropped Out of School




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    For some, not going to college is out of the question. But for these celebrities, from Prince Harry to Beyonce, it was more important to pursue.

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