Air fryer eggs over easy

Air Fryer-Baked Eggs

air fryer eggs over easy

Air Fryer, Fried Eggs, How to Fry An Egg in the Air Fryer they are soft boiled, over easy, poached or as my son will call them dunkie eggs.

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This is one of the simplest recipes, although to figure out the cooking temperature and time, I did burn a few eggs. Baked eggs are one of the most popular breakfast items in the world. What you need for a tool is simple, a good whisk, I have this one, and not only does it work wonders, it is fun to use. I love using my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for all of the recipes, I usually use my burner stove for, they are faster and require less clean up, plus my son travels a ton for hockey, so I can take the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker on the road, so it saves me money by not eating out at restaurants, since eating out with 20 hockey-playing boys gets very expensive, very soon. First tip: If you make these, splurge and get ramekins, when I tried other containers they all failed.

If you are like me through all of your kids like eggs differently, whether they are soft boiled, over easy, poached or as my son will call them.
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Guys, making hard boiled eggs will never be the same with my air fryer! I always thought hard boiled eggs were super annoying to make because you literally had to wait for the water to start boiling and take them off the stove and let them rest for 20 minutes. The air fryer makes it so easy to make hard boiled eggs! Set the temp to and the timer to 16 minutes. This method has worked perfectly two times now. Oh and once you take them out of the ice water bath, the eggs are really easy to peel.

Thank you McCormick for sponsoring this post. Easy Air Fryer Omelette Prepared in the air fryer and filled with fresh veggies and cheese, this omelette is delicious and ready in 8 minutes! The snooze button gets hit multiple times, the kids pack their backpacks at the last minute and breakfast is often, well, an afterthought. When you prep your omelette ingredients, you can either do it in the morning or dice them up the night before. I tend to dice them up the night before. Sometimes I cut up more than what I need so I have enough veggies for two mornings worth of omelettes.

Air fryer breakfasts are so amazing. Cooking eggs in a power air fryer is the perfect way to have a no fuss breakfast that is wholesome, nutritious, and simple. I love a good breakfast, but my mornings are always crazy busy, with trying to get kids out the door, homework folders signed, emails answered etc. The easier a breakfast is the better. Which is why I love these air fryer egg cups.

Air Fryer-How to Fry An Egg, In Your Air Fryer


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    Air Fryer-How to Fry An Egg, In Your Air Fryer

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