Rick and morty and gravity falls

Heres Why Rick And Morty Is The Secret Sequel To The Animation Series Gravity Falls

rick and morty and gravity falls

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Is a crossover possible? While fans of "Rick and Morty" Season 3 are still waiting for the show's release date, many speculations about it emerge around the web. Fans had been creating theories about the Adult Swim series which include the show's possible crossover with "Gravity Falls. Creators of the show, Justin Roiland and Alex Hirsch admitted dropping hidden clues in each other's show to express their friendship and appreciation. Both worked together in Disney earlier in thier career before they ventured into creating the hit animations. One proof that the two shows will be having a crossover is how Ford claims to have travelled to different dimensions in "Gravity Falls. Ford is noted to travel to various dimensions through the universe portal and this could be made possible because of the help of genius scientist, Rick Sanchez.

Could the fantastical fictional worlds of Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls be more connected than you realize? According to the video below, a few Easter Eggs in.
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But could there be a crossover between the two shows? Fans also noticed the hidden references between the shows, like a tiny Bill Cipher image hidden in a Rick and Morty episode. Alex Hirsch talks about the possibility of the two shows existing in the same universe in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. We both dreamed one day of having our own weird TV shows, and we would talk about ways in which we would childishly abuse this power. Hirsch explained, "For some reason, the universe has blessed us with our mad wishes, and it occurred to us let's start doing things that nobody else does, that maybe you're not supposed to do. We started putting little easter eggs in our shows that sort of connected the two. Our motivation for that is primarily to freak people out and blow their minds.

The former may air on Cartoon Network and the latter aired on Disney Channel, but there have actually been a number of Easter eggs that tie the different adventure series' together. This is all thanks to the friendship of their respective creators. It has become incredibly popular through its three-season run, with fans anxiously awaiting to see what the next 70 episodes of the show will look like under their supervision. Hirsch and Roiland are longtime fans and have each lent their voices to roles on each other's shows, but that is just the beginning of the crossover. Many alien and creature designs from Rick and Morty can also be found inside the pages of Journal 3, as well as a reference to talking chairs that have appeared during Rick and Morty's adventures.

Gravity Falls Easter Eggs in Rick and Morty!!!


In the multi-part story, 'The stakes are going to be higher, the situations are going to be stranger, the magic is going to be bigger'. Louis C. You always know about the kids who are watching, but you sometimes forget that kids all have parents. I often love the idea of using a big-name guest cameo for a really stupid, strange role, and Louis was definitely game for what we threw at him. You guys have gotten so many great guest stars to come on. Do you have a dream guest star?

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Gravity Falls and Rick & Morty Are Connected (Confirmed?!)

Sign in. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on. Watch now. Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty are two very different cartoons on two different networks, but is it possible that they are actually connected? Creators of each series, Alex Hirsch and Dan Harmon have a close relationship that definitely supports this theory, but there is so much more evidence throughout both series. So Cartoon Conspiracy is tackling this theory.

And Messes With The Director. Is '47 Meters Down' on Netflix? When you talk about popular television, most networks make a point of telling their fans when to expect new episodes. Rick and Morty has never been and never will be most shows. There are dozens of well-researched fan theories out there about this episode series as well as an endless well of disturbing fan art. However, the theory I want to explore today focuses on one of its more confusing and unexpected elements.

Reciprocally , Gravity Falls known for its hidden messages, codes and Easter eggs contains several references to Rick and Morty. It should be noted that inter-dimensional travel exists in both shows, creating the possibility that both are set in the same multiverse. In the episode " Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind ", Rick opens up a bunch of portals to other dimensions. One of the portals has a mug with a question mark , a pen and a notepad come out of it. In the Gravity Falls episode " Society of the Blind Eye ", the episode's ending credits gag reveals that Stan is the one losing those three exact things , by having them get sucked into a Universe Portal. In the post-credits scene of " The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy ", a low contrast graffiti resembling Bill Cipher may be seen at the top left part of the bridge's side.




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    Gravity Falls is an animated TV show created by Alex Hirsch (a good friend of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland) that aired on Disney Channel, then.

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