Bob casey vs lou barletta

Casey, Barletta duel over guns, immigration, economy

bob casey vs lou barletta

Pennsylvania Democrat Bob Casey has won a third U.S. Senate term, beating Republican congressman and Donald Trump supporter Lou Barletta in a state the president won two years ago. Casey’s victory in Tuesday’s election gives him another six-year term in office and ensures that.

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Eighty years ago, Pennsylvania had 36 congressional districts. All of them save for one -- the 12th -- elected Republicans. It was one of a handful of states that voted against FDR in , and it toyed with voting against him again in and By , it had shifted toward the Democrats to become a swing state: The western region was heavily unionized and Democratic, the Philadelphia Republican machine had disappeared, and Republican strength was found in the Philly suburbs including northeast Philly and the mountainous interior. Today, the state is different once again.

Not only are the incumbent Democratic senator and governor prohibitive favorites to win reelection, but Democrats could also pick up as many as a half-dozen congressional seats — roughly a quarter of the seats the party needs nationwide to win back the House. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom Wolf with double-digit leads over their GOP challengers. For voters 50 and older, Social Security 81 percent only slightly outpaces health care 79 percent. In the Senate race, Casey leads Rep. Lou Barletta by 15 percentage points, 47 percent to 32 percent. Casey leads Barletta — a four-term congressman who forged his political identity as an immigration hard-liner as the then-mayor of Hazelton, Pa.

Lou Barletta is seeking to unseat second-term Democratic U. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania. Casey is backed by labor unions, gay-rights organizations and environmental advocacy groups. Barletta is backed by business trade associations and anti-abortion groups. The election is Tuesday. A look at where Casey and Barletta stand on eight key issues, from abortion to trade.

He was elected mayor in , and then became a U. Hailing from neighboring counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the two major candidates are rooted in the same challenges, but are coming up with very different solutions. That ordinance, which Barletta introduced in as mayor of Hazleton, would have punished businesses and landlords for employing or renting to undocumented immigrants.
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Lou Barletta, Friday Oct. But U. Lou Barletta, President Trump's hand-picked candidate to challenge U. Bob Casey Jr. Casey, a Democrat from Scranton who inherited a well-known political brand, was leading Barletta 55 percent to 43 percent with 79 percent of the vote tallied Tuesday night. Casey, in his victory speech, called his election "a victory for people across our commonwealth who want a new direction in Washington.

Bob Casey D-Pa. Casey is running for re-election against Republican Lou Barletta. The midterm race in Pennsylvania for U. Senate could have been a contender for statewide fascination, a rematch of the presidential election here that ended with Donald Trump prevailing by a fraction of a percentage point. Instead, the contest between the incumbent, U. Bob Casey Jr. Lou Barletta, has been more snoozy than newsy as it enters the final week before Election Day.

Bob Casey and Lou Barletta enter final stretch of ‘sleepy’ Senate race in Pa.

Bob Casey and his Republican challenger, U. Lou Barletta , touched on health care, abortion rights and the economy under President Donald Trump before it ended in a personal and emotional exchange Saturday. The hourlong debate, at WPVI-TV in Philadelphia, also featured Barletta being prompted four times to directly answer whether he would vote to prevent Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller , whose investigation uncovered Russian interference in the election.

Casey, Barletta Debate Ends In Emotional Exchange Over TV Ad

Senate race drew Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and his Republican challenger into several sharp exchanges over guns, immigration and the economy, as U. Lou Barletta looks to gain ground in polls showing him trailing. Early in the debate, Barletta turned a question on raising the minimum wage to the economy, after Casey contended that Trump had inherited a fast-growing economy and made a plug for a large middle-class tax cut. Casey countered that Obama and a Democratic Congress dragged the country out of recession and back to health, cutting the unemployment rate in half under Obama, without help from Republicans. In fact , the economy is nowhere close to historic bests.

If the mid-term elections were held today, we now know how Pennsylvania voters would cast their ballots in key races, according to a new poll. NBC10's Lauren Mayk explains. Lou Barletta is trying to wake up Pennsylvania's sleepy U. Senate race. Barletta, a four-term Republican congressman, began airing his first TV attack ad of the general election campaign Friday, accusing two-term Democratic Sen.


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