Sensory deprivation tank san antonio

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sensory deprivation tank san antonio

Sensa Float: San Antonio Flotation Therapy and Wellness Center

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Float is a lot like tubing a river except you can go still. If only I could get a rubber tube in Being someone that finds it difficult to relax, this place really made things easy. The moment I If only I could get a rubber tube in there and maybe another with a cooler

Floatation tanks are a combination of many factors that lead up to depriving the body of sensory inputs so that we can achieve full relaxation. This solution is then heated to body temperature so that your body begins to blend with the water. Ear plugs are inserted into the ears to keep excess salt and noise out of the ears. Floaters are enclosed into the tanks which produce an environment without light. With all of these factors combined, one is able to achieve a period of full relaxation.

In mental health care, it's not uncommon for patients to pursue complementary therapies to manage mental illness. As a psychiatrist, I've seen patients who take dozens of daily vitamin supplements. Some try acupuncture or massage. Others swear by light therapy or Reiki. Floating - more formally known as flotation restricted environmental stimulation therapy - involves a person lying down in a "sensory deprivation tank.

At FLOAT we believe that luxury can't be manufactured or faked. It's handcrafted, it's designed, it's deliberate. Luxury means that every detail is thought of and.
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As its name implies, it involves floating in a tank or a pod in water so dense it is impossible to sink. With a higher salt density than the Dead Sea, you are able to relax in an almost zero gravity environment without having to worry about keeping yourself above water. The goal of floating is to block out the noise and worries of the world in order to help the body achieve a relaxed, restorative state. Some people compare the calming experience of floating to meditation or yoga. Flotation Therapy is essentially a way of achieving deep relaxation by spending thirty minutes or more lying tranquilly in darkness — or your choice of colorful lights — effortlessly suspended in a warm solution of water and Epsom salt. Even those who suffer from extreme claustrophobia are able to take advantage of the relaxing properties a float pod provides the lid can remain open if you wish.

Float Pod San Antonio

His patients said floating in a sensory deprivation tank was healing, so he tried it

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. We bring a passion for the work, attention to detail and a personal touch to each session that we do. Our commitment to our customers and love of the work will not waver. Our Craft Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Contact Us Call Us. Float Therapy. Floatation tanks are a combination of many factors that lead up to depriving the body of sensory inputs so that we can achieve full relaxation.



FLOAT - Floatation Therapy and Sensory Deprivation tanks in San Antonio


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