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florida saltwater fishing license cost

Resident Annual Saltwater Shoreline License: No-Cost Saltwater fishing license combined with freshwater fishing and/or hunting license(s) for a reduced- cost.

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Sign up for our Email Newsletter. NR Saltwater Month Fishing. License fees are set by the Florida Legislature and are subject to change. Look for current rates to be posted where you purchase your license. Prices listed include tax collector's fee.

The law says anyone who takes, attempts to take, or possesses marine fish for noncommercial purposes must have a Florida Saltwater Fishing License. Florida Residents When applying for a saltwater fishing license, you are considered to be a Florida resident if you: Have lived continuously in Florida for six months or have established legal residence in Florida. Are a student enrolled at a college or university in Florida. Florida residents may buy a lifetime saltwater fishing license, or a lifetime sportsman license. Holders of lifetime saltwater fishing licenses may fish in saltwater as long as they live and will pay no additional fees. The license fee includes the taking of snook or crawfish - which would otherwise require a separate fee. A lifetime sportsman license allows holders to fish in fresh water or salt water and to hunt in Florida.

For the purpose of fishing in Florida, a person is a resident if he or she has lived in Florida for six continuous months prior to applying for licenses and who has an intent to continue to reside in Florida and claim Florida as his or her primary residence. Active military personnel stationed in Florida, including their spouses and dependent children residing in the household, are considered residents when purchasing fishing licenses. Licenses may be purchased from county tax collectors or their subagents, who are generally located at tackle shops, fish camps, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. Consult our Web site for the latest information on prices. Either approach allows anglers who are ready to fish, virtually instant access to a license.

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How to Get a Florida Fishing License

Florida Fishing License. If you are planning on freshwater fishing in Florida, for largemouth bass , panfish or any other freshwater species you will need to get a Florida Fishing License. Everyone over 16 Years of age is required by law to have this license. A three 3 and seven 7 day Non-Resident Fishing License are available. All of these options can be purchased several different ways. Option 1. Online Purchase You can click on the picture of the 5-year fishing license above and go to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and get your fishing license online for whatever date you will be fishing.

Before you go fishing in Florida, you will need a Florida fishing license. Fishing laws help to manage fish species and our natural resources, so that we can ensure there are fish for the future. Each state sets their own fishing regulations and these rules can change over time. Always make sure to check the Florida fishing regulations before your fishing adventure. Did you know that freshwater and saltwater fishing license fees help pay for conservation?

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Saltwater licenses cover both watercraft and shoreline fishing. These new no- cost permits are available online only at alqurumresort.com Youth under.
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    Since January 1, , a valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License has been required in the State of Florida for residents and non-residents.

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    Residents who only saltwater fish from the land or a structure attached to land, may get the resident recreational saltwater shoreline fishing license at no cost.

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    1-888-347-4356 or 1-888-FISH-FLO

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