Trump umbrella air force 1

Trump Has Another Weird Umbrella Moment And The Laughs Rain Down On Twitter

trump umbrella air force 1

WATCH: President Trump DITCHES Melania To Air Force One (FNN)

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President Trump leaves his open umbrella at the door of Air Force One as he boarded the plane Saturday on his way to a rally in Indianapolis. Rough Cut no reporter narration. Thu, Aug 29, - Thu, Nov 15, - Fri, Mar 16, - Fri, Dec 22, - Wed, Aug 28, -

For someone who claims to be the best at pretty much everything , Donald Trump seems to have a lot of trouble performing all sorts of extremely basic tasks , from using speakerphone to loading a pickup truck. On Saturday, he once again demonstrated his baffling unfamiliarity with everyday objects when confronted by an umbrella:. According to Vanity Fair , he had just finished making a few brief remarks to the press about the mass shooting at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue , which he insisted should've had better "protection. He paused for a second at the top—appearing to consider what to do with this confounding, unwieldy device he was holding—before just dropping it on the platform, fully open, and boarding the plane. For the sake of accuracy, we should note that it's not like Trump doesn't know how to close an umbrella—he didn't even try to close it.

In videos documenting the moment, Trump, 72, can be seen holding the device over his head while making his way up the stairs to the aircraft. After he appeared to drag it along the ground for a few moments, instead of closing the umbrella, he simply released the handle, leaving it to wobble on the ground instead. Another man is later seen walking by the umbrella without picking it up, before a Secret Service agent runs up the steps to easily close the umbrella and take it inside. The video prompted many social media users to jokingly question whether the president knew how to close umbrellas. Just days earlier, Trump was caught on camera committing a different umbrella faux pas. As the president exited the White House with his wife Melania Trump on Monday, en route to visit hurricane-torn Florida and Georgia , he was seen holding the umbrella over his head while the first lady, 48, stood nearby, uncovered.

A few months ago you might recall a video of Donald Trump go viral where he appeared to have a considerable amount of trouble with an umbrella. The bizarre moment was one of the weirdest moments of Trump's presidency so far but, let's be honest, everyone has had trouble with a brolly in high winds. Shortly before boarding Air Force One to embark on a trip to a Republican fundraiser in Beverley Hills, as well as a convenient trip to the border, Trump scaled the steps to the plane with a large black umbrella in hand, shielding himself from the rain. It's just ignorant. The situation was surreal and awkward to say the least and his critics had a field day mocking the president for his latest mishap. Still, at least it was better than his previous effort with the complex and confusing device known as an umbrella.

Trump Scores an Unsatisfying Victory Over Umbrella

Donald Trump had another awkward encounter with an umbrella over the weekend. When Trump reached the doorway, he dumped the open umbrella at the threshold. News cameras captured the abandoned umbrella rattling around at the top of the stairs, where it was eventually picked up by a Secret Service agent.

Awkward video shows Trump handing umbrella to staff member when boarding Air Force One

Donald Trump did more than just play the victim-blaming game after Saturday's horrific synagogue shooting. He also abandoned an umbrella as he climbed aboard Air Force One. In a clip that quickly went viral, Trump is seen walking up the stairs leading to his presidential jet, umbrella in hand. As he reaches the door, Trump's hand drops lower and lower until the umbrella is scraping the floor. Seconds later, he ditches it entirely and disappears into the plane. Unbelievable — Trump doesn't know how to close an umbrella, so inside of closing it and bringing it aboard Air Force One with him, he just dropped it outside the plane.

Does Donald Trump Know Umbrellas Close?


Oct 28, He also abandoned an umbrella as he climbed aboard Air Force One. In a clip that quickly went viral, Trump is seen walking up the stairs.
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