Clash royale hog rider deck

Hog Rider Rocket Deck for Arena 6 and 7

clash royale hog rider deck

Best Clash Royale decks for all arenas. Kept up-to-date for the Archers Barbarian Barrel Earthquake Hog Rider Freeze Goblin Gang Hog Rider Ice Golem.

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There are more powerful ways of utilizing the Hog Rider, and knowing this will make you into a much better player when using the Hog Rider. This is a ridiculously good combo in which your Hog Rider is a bulky and fast troop, so he can actually shield for the Goblins who are equally as fast as him. Not only do the Hog Rider and Goblins make for a very fast combo, they are one of strongest combos in the game in terms of Elixir cost. For example, a level 5 Hog Rider does damage per second, while the 3 level 7 Goblins together deal damage per second, so together they deal a massive damage per second and if you have Freeze Spell, you can deal about hit points of damage onto a tower with the Hog Rider, Goblins, and Freeze Spell for the cost of only 10 Elixir. So guys next time you send your Hog Rider in with a Freeze Spell, make sure to combine him with Goblins! What about Zap Spell?

The Hog Rider is unlocked in Arena 4 - P. A's Playhouse. It is one of the most used cards in the game once available. His speed, low elixir count, and the ability to lock on buildings is his key features. The Hog Rider is usually used on offense.

Hey Folks! In this guide we discuss a Hog Cycle deck that includes two recently buffed cards which are the knight and musketeer. This deck plays very.
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It is hard to learn but powerful once you have mastered this deck. When I first started using it, I lost six fights in a row! I will show you how to use every card, how to use the deck and different deck match ups. Hog Rider: One of the staples of this deck. Almost all damage to there crown tower will be from him.

Hey Folks! In this guide we discuss a 2. This deck plays very similar to the 2. The Hog is your win condition and should either be played behind the knight or in front of the musketeer when pushing. This allows you to either charge the tower with the knight as a meatshield or tank for the musketeer so she can do great damage against the tower. The musketeer will be your main air defense and will play a key role in attacking behind the hog or knight and additionally proving support against units.

I am pretty sure that lots of players have been finding it very hard to getting past Arena 4 and 5 in Clash Royale. Hopefully this new deck can help you out! I tested this deck with my alt low level account and I easily made it to Arena 6 with level 4 Hog Rider and level 5 Common. Also, I am pretty sure that you can easily request these cards from your Clan mates without any problem, people in low Arena not use these cards truly. This deck is a modified version of a popular one in Arena 7 and 8. It helps you deal with the game meta in Arena 4 and 5 easier.

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