10 little known facts about the lewis and clark expedition

10 Little-Known Facts About the Lewis and Clark Expedition

10 little known facts about the lewis and clark expedition

The Louisiana Purchase & The Lewis and Clark Expedition - American History, Explained HD

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The nearly three-year journey began in the mind of then-president Thomas Jefferson , who made the rather expensive purchase of an enormous amount of land from Napoleon who needed money for his endless wars. Jefferson stood by his decision, but plenty of citizens were in an uproar over the expense. He wanted explorers to venture all the way to the Pacific Ocean. No one knew then just how far that might be. Jefferson himself vastly underestimated the distance.

In , the United States carried out the Louisiana Purchase in which it bought 2. One of the primary objectives of the expedition was to find a water route to the Pacific through the north-west.
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As a rare book dealer, sometimes people assume that I only like older books. At least not in that sense. And I will now prove that to you in the geekiest way possible. For your pleasure, here is a list of 15 bizarre facts about the Lewis and Clark Expedition that I learned from Undaunted Courage , the amazing non-fiction book about the first overland journey to the Pacific and back by Stephen Ambrose. The reason for the transfer? Before Lewis and Clark, there were other plans to explore the West. In , Jefferson sent the experienced French botanist Andre Michaux on an exploring expedition.

With a colorful cast of characters, Lewis and Clark spent two years hiking clear to the Pacific Ocean and back. In so doing, they united the States from sea to sea, and, it might be said, truly founded the United States as we know it today. Here are 42 adventurous facts about the voyage of Lewis and Clark. A hot-headed young soldier, Meriwether Lewis was court-martialed for drunkenly challenging his superior officer to a duel. In , President Thomas Jefferson pulled off the Louisiana Purchase, the biggest one-time purchase of land in human history. To reach—and therefore claim for the US—the Pacific Coast, Jefferson quickly enlisted to his secretary, one Meriwether Lewis, to lead an expeditionary crew across the interior to find a passage to the sea. Lewis chose his old army buddy William Clark as co-leader.

All The Facts You'll Ever Want To Know About The Lewis & Clark Expedition

Lewis L and Clark R. While serving as a frontier army officer in , a young Meriwether Lewis was court-martialed for allegedly challenging a lieutenant to a duel during a drunken dispute.

15 Bizarre Facts about the Lewis and Clark Expedition

President Thomas Jefferson formed a Corps of Discovery in , under Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, with the sole purpose of gaining a detailed knowledge of the land recently acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. The men were instructed to hunt and mark a safe all-water route across North America. Louis and Pacific Ocean, and then made the whole journey back home. When the two men returned they had a plethora of tales from their journey including a number of brushes with certain death, contact with Natives and wild stories about the life in the west; then an uncharted land for the settlers. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Source. In any case, Lewis was court-martialled and was later found not guilty of the offence. However, his superiors thought it only appropriate to transfer Lewis to a different unit to avoid any future altercations.



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