Go crazy go stupid lyrics

Going Crazy, Going Stupid, Going Dumb

go crazy go stupid lyrics

GO CRAZY, GO STOOPID Lyrics: Go crazy, go stupid / Go crazy, go stupid / Cut my, cut my, cut my hair / Push me, push me down the stair.

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If you know you turnt uup, say yay ay yay If you know you turnt uup, say yay yay yeahhh I'm so turned up right now, stuck, but I can't turn down. I'm so turned up right now, stuck, but I can't turn down. I don't know why I'm so crazy, mane I got a stomach achey In the morning, eggs and bacon, told yo girl don't fix it naked [Chorus:] I go banananananana, I go crazycrazycrazy I go stupid stupid stupid yay yay yay yay. It is me. One Fifty Six Three, in the z. Riding down Columbia Drive, yeah you niggas remember me. So when I pull up it's a unreal crazyazyyayyayyay, If you turnt up to the max then scream yay ay yay.

Everyone with Aries dominates its time to wreck shit in the name of our favorite Aries birthday, Kim Mingyu. Yes you!
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You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Go Crazy Go Stupid refers to a vine posted by PresidentofUgly [1] in which he yells to the camera "go crazy," shakes his head, and then yells "go stupid. The original post is no longer available. The earliest repost of the video was uploaded by Twitter user 1runako on May 29th, shown below. The video was reposted numerous times over the next four years. The video gained 19, views and likes in two years shown below, left.

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Lil Yachty Hypes Up "LB3" With His "Go Krazy, Go Stupid" Freestyle


Lyrics: Drop out the drop of the coupe / Pull out the Glock and I shoot / There's a snake in my boot (yeah) / Triple z's when Go crazy, go stupid.
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