Why do people hate anime

Why people hate popular anime so much ?

why do people hate anime

Why Do People Love To Hate On Mainstream Anime?

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Forum Settings Forums. Anime Discussion. Why people hate popular anime Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Why people hate popular anime so much? Honestly i dont know why people hate some mainstream anime.

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Anime Hater unknown. Someone who dislikes anime. The said person may have witnessed an obsessed Japan worshipper with no ties to the culture what-so-ever who annoyed them to no end. They can also come to hate it by seeing that Anime is just colorful, cliched storylines who rip off every other anime watch one anime, expect the next one you watch to have the same content. Same stuff, different pile. Also, they've grown to hate anime because of the idiots who think Japan is so awesome because of its animations, and expect everyone who doesn't like it to be 'rasict' or something else out of context.

Apr 23, I don't hate anime. It's the fans that make me uncomfortable. This. I'm a nerd, hang out with tons of nerds but anime fans are like the ICP fans of the nerd world.
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However, I really feel that I can make a case for anime. Like any book, movie, or song, I really feel that there is almost certainly an anime out there for everyone. The medium itself may not be what you sit down to binge. But, buried underneath the countless wastes of space are real gems that excite the imagination, move the soul, stir the emotions, and dazzle the eyes. I also avoided series that are over 60 episodes or so, or are too wacky to be immediately accessible to the non-anime fan. This list can also be a jumping off point for people who are new to anime but would like to have some sort of guideline to explore the genre.

Yo guys, it's Gajeel, back at it again with another awesome blog. Today's blog is: 10 reasons why people hate anime. Obviously all of us like anime, cause we have Anime Amino, but there are some people that don't like anime. Today we are gonna be talking about why people don't like anime. So let's go Well, they're the hardcore anime fans, the proper weeaboos.

I dont understand w hy it is so popular, its just an art style with spiky hair and way too feminine men, i suppose i get why 10 year olds like it because its what pokemon is but there are adults who are fascinated with it! Its become way too big a trend, like crocs or long hair for guys, there is no reason for it! Ever time i walk into a book store there is a whole freaking section devoted to this stuff and how to draw it! Im just wondering if there is something im missing? Is there something amazing about it that i simply dont get?

10 Reasons Why People Hate Anime

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  1. Gisziepodev says:

    Oct 3, i dont get it, a lot of people around me say that they "hate" anime when they had never even "tried" it, anime is perfectly expectable in japan, why does the US.

  2. Jubbar S. says:

    Anime for People Who "Hate Anime" : Part 1 of 3 - Sartorial Geek

  3. Lrountabeli says:

    Ive noticed around the art community that people have a problem with the "anime" style, but what type are people referring to??

  4. Sein T. says:

    Some people may just hate anime because of particular fans that they know. They also hate the fact that anime obsessers think they can do what ever anime.

  5. Lucy D. says:

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