Once upon a christmas hallmark

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

once upon a christmas hallmark

Santa's daughter must infuse a spoiled family with holiday spirit or Christmas will be gone forever. Stars Kathy Ireland and John Dye. Hallmark Channel.

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The filming location was in Vancouver , British Columbia. It premiered on the PAX Network. In , it was broadcast on the Hallmark Channel. After Santa Claus has noticed how many children have become naughty, he decides that he will not deliver presents to any children this year. But his daughter, Kristin Claus, thinks there is one more chance for a Christmas. Kristin took on the challenge of trying to deliver all the presents just as her dad, Santa, would in the Mortal World.

She is helped by a kind man who is unaware of her true identity, and gradually the two fall in love. The television film first aired on November 25, on the Hallmark Channel. Katie Hollingston Briana Evigan , the adored royal princess of the small European country of Montsaurai, is visiting New York City during the Christmas season with her bodyguards and her overbearing aunt Margaret, who has planned an itinerary of speeches, meetings, and seasonal events. A talented photographer, Katie asks her aunt if she could visit a famous art gallery, but she refuses due to the schedule. Remembering her childhood Christmas travels to America with her now deceased mother who gave her her first camera, Katie decides to run away from her royal obligations and responsibilities for a few hours and revisit the places where she and her mother once shared happier times. Her disappearance sets off a frantic search by her bodyguards. Alone in the city and unaware of the dangers the city presents, she has her camera and money stolen by muggers.

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Once Upon A Christmas

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