Federal budget pie chart 2017

At Last! A Pie Chart That Actually Says Something Important!

federal budget pie chart 2017

Good Thinking, Taxes and Military Spending Pie Chart, Nuclear Weapons

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The year was a busy time for budget policy as lawmakers considered major legislation dealing with health care and taxes following the inauguration of President Trump. This led to plenty of opportunities for policy analysis via tables and graphs on these bills and other developments in the budget world. Below are our top ten charts of calendar year As President Trump took office early in the year, we highlighted the "historic debt dilemma" facing him. With debt at around 77 percent of Gross Domestic Product GDP , the President took office with the highest level of debt as a share of the economy since Harry Truman in

Fighting for a U. Donate Now. Facebook Twitter. These trillions of dollars make up about 21 percent of the U. The U.

Fighting for a U. Donate Now. Facebook Twitter. President Obama recently released his fiscal year budget proposal. And one thing we know about budgets is that they are all about priorities: What should we spend money on?

To fund the government, Congress must pass appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins on October 1, If Congress does not do so, it creates continuing resolutions to keep government departments operational. If it doesn't, the government will shut down. This article provides a detailed breakdown of each. You can also find links to past budgets at the end. Most of the taxes are paid by you, either through income or payroll taxes:.

By using a dropdown control in the table heading you can select millions of dollars , percent of GDP , percent of federal total , percent of overall total , dollars per capita of population , and thousand dollars per capita of population. But you can look at numbers from other US Federal Budgets using this dropdown control. Click on to display a time-series chart of data in a row. Defense Budget: Hist. Tables 3.

The President's 2017 Budget Proposal in Pictures

2017 Federal Budget

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