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New LeBron James Series “More Than An Athlete” Debuts Exclusively on ESPN+

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Stream live sports, watch game replays, get video highlights, and access featured ESPN LeBron recounts road to greatness in 'More Than An Athlete'.

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It's becoming a platform for athletes to branch out far beyond their respective sports. More Than An Athlete is an eight-episode series examines the various stages and moments of LeBron James' journey from basketball prodigy to global sports icon, businessman and philanthropist through the lens of the unique bonds of friendship and partnership which forged between four men over more than two decades — James, Carter, Randy Mims and Rich Paul. Fair enough. The first two episodes will drop at the same time, and the remaining six episodes will be released regularly through Jan. Episode One will look at the origin of the friendships that have been the underpinning for two decades of developments in sport, business, media and philanthropy, and also examines the formation of the I Promise School — one of James' most recent and ambitious initiatives. Episode Two looks back on one of the more infamous chapters in their time working together — a television special event — "The Decision" — that announced James' free agent signing with the Miami Heat, contrasting that with previously-unseen behind the scenes footage from James' recent free agent signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. But the rest of this should be top shelf.

Produced by and starring LeBron James, the series explores his incredible journey from small town kid from Akron, Ohio, to NBA superstar, philanthropist and businessman. The first episode focuses on the unique relationships between James and his longtime childhood friends-turned-business partners, Maverick Carter, Randy Mims and Rich Paul. It is replete with sincere and insightful conversations among the four friends as they remember the successes and failures of their pasts.
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“More Than An Athlete” – New Original Series from UNINTERRUPTED and ESPN+

LeBron James breaks down his 'More Than An Athlete' mission





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