Kobe dancing at free throw line

Video: Hilarious parody of Kobe Bryant’s ‘Detail’ over LeBron James’ missed FTs

kobe dancing at free throw line

According to Ellen DeGeneres, Kobe Bryant moonwalked like Michael Jackson as he took the final free throws of his career.

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On Wednesday's edition of ESPN's Around the Horn , someone joked that it would be worth watching Kobe Bryant play his final game later that night simply to see whether he would score 67 points "because that's what he'll need to average exactly 25 points per game for his career. Mamba came damn close, dropping 60, which will forever mathematically keep him one point shy of having averaged First, the math. Bryant entered the 1,th and final game of his career with 33, points, for a scoring average of Or, to round up to two places to the right of the decimal, as Basketball-Reference. Kobe had entered his 20th and final season averaging more than 25 points per game, but scored at just above a point clip this season.

The league's MVP in ! Bryant smiled as his accolades were rattled off, his hands remaining in the pockets of his warm-up suit. Not long after, Lakers legend Magic Johnson walked to half court, stood in the spotlight and spoke about Bryant's storied career. He also introduced a tribute video featuring Bryant's highlights, Bryant's voice and the voices of today's players too:. When the video finished, the spotlight fell again on Johnson, who declared, "There will never be another Kobe Bryant.

Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! Kobe Bryant says Shaq was lazy and that held the Lakers back from winning more championships. Happy Birthday Kobe! Thanks for an amazing career and giving all of us the privilege of watching! Hall of famer NBA legend Thank you for 20 great years! Salutes Kobe Bryant! Every Kobe meme we don't deserve, but we very much need.

Kyrie Irving talks about how much Kobe Bryant meant to the development of his game after Thursday's win. Irving was too young to have witnessed Michael Jordan obliterate the competition. He considers No. Well before Bryant served as a mentor to the Cleveland Cavaliers' All-Star point guard, Bryant was Irving's personal basketball instructional video. For countless hours a day growing up, he studied Bryant and mimicked his arsenal: The way he used his pivots to keep a defender dancing, his post moves and in-between game immediately caught Irving's attention.

Kobe Bryant was 18 years old when he formally introduced himself as a budding star to a national audience. In 39 games with the Los Angeles Lakers , he averaged 7. Holzman first mentored Phil Jackson nearly 30 years before the Zen Master coached Bryant to his first championship in Well, Kobe cared. He scored a game-high 31 points then a record in the Rookie Challenge on a game-high 17 shots and went of from the free-throw line in an exhibition! Mamba's response was the same then as it would be now.

Instead of all that, he spent much of the afternoon at his office in Newport Beach, California, on his laptop, writing, editing and working on the projects that would make up his post-NBA life -- until about three hours before tipoff. He didn't use his most diligent preparation on this day, because by many measures, there just wasn't much at stake. With 16 wins and 65 losses, his Los Angeles Lakers had been eliminated from playoff contention more than a month earlier. The Lakers would host the Jazz, who had beaten the Lakers every time they had played that season. The game would be aired nationally on ESPN2 -- the main channel would show what everyone thought would be the NBA's story of the night: the Warriors attempting to win a record 73rd regular-season game. Kobe's farewell had been going all season, and coach Byron Scott had long since handed the reins to younger players.

Kobe Bryant is showered with love in his last All-Star Game

By: Steven Ruiz May 2, pm. There are no frills here; just one of the greatest players in NBA history breaking down the game in great, um, detail. -






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