Tom holland lip sync battle episode

Lip Sync Battle - Season 3 Episode 23 - Zendaya vs. Tom Holland

tom holland lip sync battle episode

Spider-Man: Homecoming's Tom Holland & Zendaya Interview - Lip Sync Battle Preshow

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In addition to picking up immediately after the events of Endgame , Far From Home is a direct sequel to the flick Spider-Man: Homecoming. While he was promoting that movie, Holland also did a lot of press, including appearing on the reality competition show Lip Sync Battle alongside his co-star, Zendaya. Yes, I do my own stunts. New episode of spikelsb tonight before the mtvawards at pm EST! What occurred that day was nothing short of incredible. This is a show that has a lot of bad and mediocre performances.

With LL Cool J, Chrissy Teigen, Tom Holland, Zendaya. Actors Zendaya and Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming ()) face off.
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Because both come from strong dancing and musical backgrounds, this promised to be an incredible viewing experience. Naturally, he won the belt. Zendaya elaborated. Every actor has a performance or character that they get asked about more than any other. For Holland, you would assume that would be playing Spider-Man.

Zendaya vs. Tom Holland

Lip Sync Battle S03 E22 Zendaya Vs Tom Holland

If you were unfamiliar with Holland before, you won't be able to forget him after you watch his spectacular performance. The year-old English actor kicked things off by channeling Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain , swinging from a lamp post in a classic suit and hat. It wasn't long, however, until things turned a little more contemporary. After a quick costume change, Holland emerged in a Rihanna-inspired outfit to perform the star's iconic hit "Umbrella. See the full performance below, which has since been featured on Lip Sync Battle :.

'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Makes It Rain As Rihanna On 'Lip Sync Battle'

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Hell yes! Do I love it too much? Originally posted by spiderholland. Originally posted by tomhollanddaily. Is she your girlfriend?

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