Mike jones drop and gimme 50

Drop & Gimme 50 [feat. Hurricane Chris] (Amended Album Version)

mike jones drop and gimme 50

Mike Jones , Hurricane chris drop and gimme 50

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Aah, Colli Park Who? Mike Jones Who? And right now Say girl, say girl We want all the sexy ladies Say girl, say girl 10th Ward, buck wat up? She busting it wide open and shaking it on the floor I'm finna go to the bar and get some drank and hit the floor I'm finna get on the flo, I'm finna get on the flo I'm finna get on the flo, I'm finna get on the flo. Lil mama, right there bad She droppin' 'n' shakin' fast Come holla, I got the dollars Got more if ya ass will swallow. She shakin' it by the roba, hopin' it by the Bentley She know that I'm high and tipsy now drop it 'n' gimme 50 She see me with Hurricane so droppin' it and do her thang She know when I get inside, I'm a fuck up her walls, man.

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Mike Jones - Drop And Gimme 50

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  1. Muhammad B. says:

    Drop & Gimme 50 Lyrics: (Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh) Collipark / Who Mike Jones / Who Mike Jones / Smurf, you did the fool with this one baby / Ayyyy I got.

  2. Nicole B. says:

    Mike Jones ‘Drop & Gimme 50’ Video Feat. Hurricane Chris | alqurumresort.com

  3. Fanette L. says:

    Watch it via MySpace below.

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