Grant gustin and candice patton

grant gustin and candice patton

grant gustin and candice patton

After fans accused The Flash star Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) of being too quiet on the topic of racist comments against co-star Candice Patton.

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Grant Gustin is defending "The Flash" costar Candice Patton against "hideous remarks" from racists online. The African American actress has starred as Iris West on "The Flash" since the show premiered in October , and people have sent her hateful messages over the years because the character is depicted as white in the comic books. Replying to the messages, Gustin said, "As far as defending any of my costars, I absolutely will when I see it on my page. I don't go looking for trolls or hate about me or any of my friends or coworkers. When I see someone say something racially insensitive, straight-up racist, just trolling or being a bully, I block them without hesitation. That's the most amount of energy I'm willing to waste on an internet troll. Grant Gustin came to the defense of Candice Patton on Instagram.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The Flash 's Candice Patton is, unfortunately, a frequent target for racist comments from "fans" who take issue with the fact that she plays Iris West-Allen, a character who in comics is traditionally a white character. Despite The CW series being on the air for five years -- it enters its sixth season this fall -- and Patton being a major player for all of them, the comments persist. Now, however, series star Grant Gustin is speaking out against those racist trolls, making it very clear once and for all that he stands with Patton. You can check out Gustin's video message as captured and saved by a fan below. It's good to know that Grant supports Candice, thank you for this. She is black.

Means a lot to wear my curls on The Flash. And I know it will to so many of you who look like me. We asked and our EP ewrote gave me the go ahead. What do you guys think? Sound-off your thoughts in the comments! In the comics, Bloodwork is a Central City morgue employee and hemophiliac who developed the ability to transform his flesh into blood-like physiology after experimenting with blood properties.

Iris is a personality who in comics is a white character. The CW series is on the air for five years; it enters its 6th season this loss. Patton is a significant player for all of them, the still comments continue. Now, Grant Gustin is speaking up against those racist trolls, making it very clear finally that he stands with Patton. It helped in encouraging people to give away to Tie the Knot and the ACLU, two organizations that promote equal rights. Nonetheless, his video clip was soon swamped with comments from fans. She is black.

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The Flash 's th episode officially airs tonight, and it's a serious blast from the past as Barry Grant Gustin and his daughter Nora Jessica Parker Kennedy take a time travel journey back through some of the show's most major moments, revisiting some big bads and big twists. We'll have some scoop from the cast after the episode for what it all means for the rest of the season, but for now, Gustin and Candice Patton are taking a look back at episodes and taking it all in. I survived! I know not every show, not every actor gets to have this experience and that's something I'm extremely grateful for, and no matter what happens in my career, I have this moment, and that's really really cool. Gustin says the number really hit him two years ago when they were celebrating Arrow 's th episode which we were also in attendance for. It's crazy.





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    ‘The Flash’s’ Candice Patton Dishes On Her On-Screen Relationship – CW Philly

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    Grant Gustin defended "The Flash" costar Candice Patton against comments from racists who are upset that she portrays Iris West.

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