Viscose fabric pros and cons

Whats the Difference Between Viscose and Rayon Fabric?

viscose fabric pros and cons

How to Tell if a Fabric is Natural or Synthetic

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Comments 5. Posted in: Ask BB. Skip to site navigation Skip to blog entries Skip to archive page Skip to right sidebar. In the never-ending quest for better quality clothing at lower prices, it's important for us budget babes to know what our clothes are made of: Fabric , whether natural or synthetic, effects the function, comfort, care, cleaning and lifespan of each garment you purchase. Here's what you need to know about some common fabric types: Natural Fabrics: Made from naturally occurring plant or animal material.

Which one is better, though? Or are they relatively the same? Should you go for a bamboo bedding that is made of viscose or with rayon? Viscose is something that tends to feel a lot like cotton, but it looks a lot like silk. It is suitable for making certain types of light clothing. The substance itself is used in the production of memory foam as well. Other than that both solutions are quite common.

Viscose fabric is the type of cloth based on artificially obtained fibres of cellulose origin. Depending on the technology it has been treated with, this fabric can be similar to silk, wool, cotton or linen. Over more than one hundred years since its invention, viscose has been used for fashion clothing, home textile, footwear, and even car tires. While such versatility has made it very popular, viscose fabric is still perceived as not entirely natural, and that is why some people prefer not to wear it. Should you keep clear of this fabric or give it a second chance? This article will help you make up your mind!

Fabric comes in all shapes, sizes, weights, and constructions. It can be natural, synthetic, or manufactured. Some fabrics have more stigma than others.
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Plain Viscose Dress Fabric





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    It seems that viscose and rayon always get into a tight competition that baffles a lot of consumers on how these two fabrics are different from one another and at some factors, can be pretty identical.

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