Pros and cons of syrian refugees in the usa

Pros And Cons Of Syrian Refugees In The USA

pros and cons of syrian refugees in the usa

How Rasmi Moussa, A Teenage Syrian Refugee, Resettled In America After Escaping The War - TODAY

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The nation is uproar after the ISIS attacks launched in November, constantly debating whether or not the United States should allow Syrian refugees to enter the country. Back in September, the White house announced its plan to allow 10, refugees to enter the country in the next fiscal year. While this is an understandable fear, this may be a risk we have to take. That means 43 states either have no stance or are refusing to cooperate. What does that mean for the refugees? How will they escape the harsh realities that they live every day?

What does this have to do with the United States? In September, President Obama announced that United States would be resettling about.
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That is a low percentage, and may have decreased further since then, but is it worth taking the risk? Not to mention, even if US military strikes seemingly defeat ISIS, history shows that terrorist groups tend to resurface in different forms but with the same destructive intent. Also, refugees are likely to need government assistance, at least in the first years after their arrival in the country. Were the US flush with cash, this kind of spending may be reasonable. With almost 40 million Americans living in poverty, the US is not in a position to spend billions of dollars on refugee resettlement.

Accusations against autocratic Syrian President Bashar al-Assad regarding his utilization of chemical warfare and oppression of Syrian rights have caused his people to rise up against him, along with multiple uninvited terrorists. Because of unsuitable living environments, 3 million Syrian refugees have fled to other countries across the world. As of Nov. Some people believe that America is a place for opportunity and that it is our duty to welcome anyone past our borders; however, we must also consider the safety of our country. As much as I hate to refuse a helping hand, the risk of being surrounded by danger is much too great. Although the lives of millions of Syrian refugee are at risk, we still need to remember about our own people. One of the hazards that the United States faces from harboring Syrian refugees is the chance that some may be extremists who will commit acts of terrorism.

And so the borders are closing. The outcome: Middle East refugees are having a difficult time whether they are in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan or elsewhere. Their sheer numbers have caused some European leaders to limit the number of Middle East refugees who enter their countries. In some cases doors have completely shut. While the refugee problem is not as acute in America, the refugee situation nevertheless raises concerns about national security, terrorism, health issues, disease, finances and assimilation. Concerns over fraud and welfare costs and terrorism are also very real.

Pros and Cons of Middle East Refugees Coming to America

Should the US Accept Syrian Refugees?

Welcome to the United Nations. International migration was a global and multidimensional phenomenon of economic and social importance, the Commission on Population and Development heard today, as delegates shared ways to improve the management of flows, address key drivers and channel the potential of young people. Liberians were once on the move due to civil upheaval, but that was no longer the case, he said, adding that Liberia was grateful and could relate to the factors that forcefully displaced populations. Sharing strategies and resources at the regional and international levels was imperative to successfully address migration challenges, she said. Policies must address those and other pressing concerns while also reducing transfer costs of remittances and increasing the financial literacy of migrants and their families, he said. Libya was currently experiencing mass displacement and an inability to provide basic services, he said, emphasizing that given the importance of global migration and its negative implications on fragile countries such as his own, discussions must be held at the international level.

Prove it. Oh wait, you can't. I mean literally, this article is taking a neutral stance. What stupidity in a single comment This article lists three pros and three cons of letting Syrian refugees into the US, after saying that the author tried his best to remain neutral on the matter. We don't know which side he's on because he does not clarify it, and it does not show anywhere or give a smidgen of a hint at what side he's on. Thank you so much for your comment, adam!!!

I want to talk about the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States of America. I want to look at the situation from a neutral standpoint that looks at the pros and cons of both sides. We need to look at the facts and then draw a conclusion, not jumping to a decision without learning from all different angles about what our options are. These children have needed to put their lives on hold because escaping the civil war is the most important thing right now. Many have witnessed terrible acts or are at risk of being exposed, leaving many families that have lost loved ones or orphans. These are children who have had to grow up too fast because of the situation they are placed in with little to no basic resources such as food, water, and clothing. Over , refugees put their lives in jeopardy by trying to reach Europe with more than 3, dying trying to reach there.




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