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Our educational institution is based on the tradition of historically proven European Classical Music Pedagogy, richest with outstanding world achievements of European composers — geniuses, eminent artists — performers, and renowned musicologists. We offer private classes with various musical instruments: piano, violin, flute, trumpet, among others, as well as with music theory and music history lessons. All private classes are geared to the psychological comfort of students based on individual abilities of learners … and provided by professional musical staff. The Academy accepts both categories: children and adults, beginners and advanced students. Private and group classes begin from age 3 to all ages. EAMA offers pre-school music classes at age 3 to 5, 1st to 12th grade for general music studies instrumental and theory lessons , and postgraduate development.

Chief guest:- Sri Rammohan, Chairman,Accurex. Every year, Sama festival, dedicated to Indian Army is a combo of Karnatic music and painting happening in Bengaluru. Connoisseurs are requested to come forward to support our event. Musicians, Army soldiers, War widows and individuals from various fields of excellence will be felicitated. Sama Advertisements. Posted by raghuramolin in Events and Activities.

I am an active full-time Piano and MYC teacher. I started to teach piano from my private home studio in the mids, but after the huge amount of referrals and growing number of students, I knew it was time to move to a larger commercial space. Piano study is not easy, but it is so satisfying at the end after all the hard work has been done. We offer all-year-round music programs to children and adults with or without initial music and piano knowledge. Composition Improvisation Creative Learning. Technique Posture Rhythm. MYC Program.

music lessons, music instruction, dance classes, art classes, piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, violin, bass, flute, in Hinsdale.
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Players get a chance to practice their favourite openings and compete with players of all ages Tickets can be purchased at our school office, or by contacting us. See you In we continued what we started in On-site chess tournaments that are open to all, full of freebies, prizes, medals and trophies, coupled with a low entry fee system. Chess tournaments The Academy of Music and Fine Arts offers art classes for students of every age—kids, teens, and adults. Explore the fundamentals of art drawing and painting in a variety of mediums including charcoal, pencil, watercolor, pastels, and acrylics.

Except teaching, it covers a wide range of artistic and scientific contents. Concerts, artistic activities, scientific research, lectures and master classes by eminent artists and pedagogues, student activities, competitions, publishing activities and international cooperation are just some of the segments of teacher and student activity to which a special attention is paid. In addition, science and art, use of ICTs, and cooperation with Croatian and foreign partner and other institutions are increasingly in our focus. Due to the above-mentioned, the Academy of Music is active in creating the cultural and public life in the City of Pula and the County of Istria, so it stands out as one of the Juraj Dobrila University constituents with the largest media coverage. Our endeavours have not been recognized only in the local context, but also over Croatia and abroad, where our teachers and students have achieved many results with extraordinary success.

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Academy of Music & Arts




Academy of Music and Arts, Southampton PA - Piano Lessons, Voice Lessons, Drum Lessons, Trumpet Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Violin Lessons, Music lessons, .
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